Speech on Time for Students

Teachers and Students as we all know that time is a very major issue in our society. So today it’s also my speech topicTime. It’s a tool for measuring the length of a day or night. It’s a basic thing in everyone life. Our whole life revolves around it. When the concept of time was first realized, it changed the human lives. Afterwards clocks were developed. Mostly a Solar system is used to measure time. It’s the yearly or annual Time. It has 365 days.

Time can be measured in different units. It starts from seconds, minutes, hours, days and years. It never ends. It has no beginning or Ending.no one knows from where it’s started. So it’s like a puzzle.

Without time we are unable to do anything. Morning, afternoon, evening and night revolves around time. It sets discipline in our lives. Without time our life is meaningless. It has no use. Purpose of life is dependent on time. We wake up early in the morning according to time. Children go to school according to a fixed time. So everyone follows this dimension. People who follow it are not living in this real world. Maybe people living in jungles don’t follow it. Many writers and poets have used this word. It adds beauty to their work. They define a specific era with this time thing. There are thousands of Metaphor on Time. So its importance cannot be undermined.

So Always understand the Importance of Time. Without it, you cannot succeed in your life. Anything you want to achieve in this world is dependent on time. A healthy lifestyle is adopted when we follow timetable on an everyday basis. Time just passes. It does not stop for anyone. You have to match its pace. You have to run with it in order to achieve your goals. Every moment of our life is time. One cannot deny its importance. It’s a very important part of everyone’s life. In past, it was very difficult to track or to keep the record of time. But my friends now it’s very easy to keep its track. Reminders and notes are available everywhere. Daily, weekly and monthly planners have made life very easy.

Challenges and organisation are the basic tools of this century. You have to organise your stuff in order to be somewhere. In this stuff, time helps you a lot. Darwin said a very famous quote that ‘if a person wastes one hour of a day he is not aware of the importance of time’. So friends just wake up and realize before it’s too late. Organise your life. Set your priorities. Time is everything. It’s like our oxygen. Without it, everything will be devastated. A student can only get good grades if he manages his time. If he sleeps all day and study for an hour he will fail. Similarly, businessman needs to manage his meetings and time span. So we all need to manage stuff according to time.

Take time to relax and spend it with your family. While doing it pit aside your mobile phones. Get good sleep for at least seven hours. This will keep you healthy. I will not take any more of your time. I would like to say at the end of my speech that Time doesn’t wait for anyone. So wake up people. Wake up!


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