Speech on Water for Students

It is impossible to survive without water. The human body cannot survive without water for more than 72 hours. Water plays a big role in our survival. Good morning, respected teachers and fellow students. Today I got the golden opportunity to stand in front of you and give a speech on water. Water is our basic necessity. It is the most common natural resource present on earth.

Water can be used in several ways. It is used in daily life such as drinking, cooking, bathing, moping, gardening. It is one of the most important sources in agriculture. Without water, it is impossible to grow crops especially food grains like rice. Water also majorly used in industries. For the cooling process to making products from it. It can be used in every way.

It is not important for completing the void of human beings. It also plays an important role in managing nature. Since it is available as small bodies like wells and ponds too large bodies like sea and ocean. It helps to absorb the heat from the sun and manage the temperature of the area. It also helps in bringing the rain by the procedure of evaporation. The vapour of the water goes up I the sky and forms the rainy cloud. Hence, water bodies bring rain too. The manage to get the balance of fresh water on earth. The availability of water on earth is 72% and from which less than 3% of water is fresh and the rest water is considered as saline water. Also, by bringing the rain in hill area they indirectly clean the valley and provide water automatically to all trees and sediment the rivers. Also, it gets settled in the layers of rocks and form mineral.

It is also the oldest form of transportation. The water bodies have been the source of guidance of route. Since very early times people are travelling on boats along with that even nowadays it is an extremely helpful source for transporting bulk to one place to others. It is one of the great sources of income for the country too. Water transportation is one of the most expensive transportation. Water not only important for humans. It is also a home of aquatic animals. Humans can even still survive for few hours without water but for aquatic animals, it is hard to survive for a few minutes. They breathe through gills and take the oxygen present in the water only.

Except for the livelihood, it makes our life simpler too. Water produces thermal energy which can be used in creating electricity. It is the option for supplying electricity in urban areas. The areas where it is a bit difficult to plant a big electricity provider setup, thermal energy can be produced and reach electricity for them as well.

Everyone! Can you see how much important water is for us? But the sad thing is we are not valuing such a necessary thing. We are destroying it. Already we have a minor amount of fresh water and soon it will be used too. Polluting water means diminishing of aquatic life and increasing global warming. This can create a big impact on human life. We should be responsible and caring towards our nature. Our present awareness will sustain our future.

Thank you! Everyone for listening to my speech and being a cooperative audience.

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