Speech on Freedom Fighters

Dear students and respected teachers today I’m going to give a speech on a much-respected topic:Freedom Fighters. As you all know India is a very big country. Many freedom fighters were born in this great Nation. To liberate India every Indian participated in the freedom movement. Only because of them we are living a free life.

Freedom Fighters can be of many different forms. Some revolutionize the world with their words other took the sword and found the truth. Chains of slavery are broke by these freedom fighters. We should be thankful to them throughout our life. Some fighters sacrificed their bodies in the way of their countries. Independence lied in their hands. Today I will be telling you about a number of strong and bold freedom fighters, who sacrificed their lives for the Motherland of India,

Netaji Subash Chandra Bose was a very famous freedom fighter of India. Basically, the Indian National Army was formed by them. He was the creator of it. He discussed the issues related to the independence with the labour party. It all happened before the independence. London was the venue. Chandra was born in September 1897 and died on August 1945. Chandra redeveloped the Indian National Army with the support of the Japanese army. He hired new soldiers after the Singapore event. He was a great human being. Indians are still proud of this great man.

Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869 and died on 30 January 1948. He went to school when he was seven years old. Bapu was an average student in his school. He was a barrister and study law after college. He had a deep insight regarding the law and its jurisdiction. He went to South Africa for one of his cases. There he saw the bad condition of Indians very closely. In 1915 Gandhi Joined Congress in India. Non cooperationmovement was one of his famous national movements. It was against the atrocities faced by Indians due to British rule. Quit India Movement was also leaded by him in 1942. Dandi march and salt law are also some of his special works for the Indian people.

It was all because of his tiring efforts that India was born. At the time of sands, Gandhi’s name is still roared. Gopal Krishna is also one of the main founding leaders of Indian National Congress. He was a very senior leader of Indian National Congress. He was good in his morals and education. He was one of the earliest people who spoke about India’s Independence. This idea was also created by him. Next hero is Chandrasekhar Azad. He is like Baghat Singh. He was born on 23 July 1903 and died on 27 February 1931. This poor and strong freedom fighter only lived a short life. Azad was a born freedom fighter. He won a heroic battle against the British army.

So I would like to finish my speech with some special words. Always respect and love these freedom Fighters. As they are the reason you are still alive and are surviving. The basic thing is a homeland. It is not possible without these strong men.

Thank you, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

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