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Best Farewell Speech – Farewell speech samples for Juniors, College Student, Goodbye speech for Senior, Principal, Teachers, Office, Farewell Speech for School, kids. This will help you to construct a well-balanced farewell/goodbye speech.

The day of farewell is special for the teachers, senior students, and junior students. Juniors are those who arrange the farewell party for the seniors. They wish seniors the best of luck for their upcoming challenges and also take their suggestions as seniors were at the same place where juniors are today.

Best Farewell Speech

Need for Farewell Speech – The farewell party is the time to speak something on behalf of the class to the seniors to wish them well. You may get an opportunity to speak on this day on behalf of your class. Many students get nervous about the name of speech but in reality its an easy task. To deliver an effective speech all you need to do is to remain confident and have eye contact with the audience in the hall. Sometimes writing an effective Goodbye speech can be an issue as you don’t know from where to start a speech and how to end it. So we are here to help you with this.

Farewell Speech

Here we have compiled a sample speech for the Juniors that they can deliver to the farewell party to wish well to their seniors. You can get some inspiration from this speech and compile a new one for you. So without much ado, let’s read the sample Farewell Speech/Goodbye speech;

Let’s get started with Farewell Speech Samples-

Farewell Speech For Juniors

A very good evening to the respected teachers, seniors, and my dear friends. As we all know that, today we are gathered here to give farewell to our seniors and it’s my pleasure that I am here to say thanks and wish to the seniors on behalf of my class. Having brilliant seniors is always a motivating factor and we are lucky that we have you as our seniors. 

I would like to congratulate all the seniors for their nice journey in this school. They must have some good and ordinary memories of this school but as s junior, I also have some memories of them and it is from the fresher’s party. We all juniors think that your seniors have set a high benchmark of excellence and to reach that point we need to work hard. You guys were like a guardian in the schools for us and we know that if we would need your help you would be always ready for it.

Now when you are going to college to pursue your dream career we all are happy. But somewhere we have the pressure to be as good as you were. To be there for the juniors as you were for us.

A farewell is a celebration to celebrate your success and wish the seniors well but today I want you to wish us well and to be as great as you all. As students, you all made the school proud and now it’s our responsibility to carry forward the legacy. We learned many important things from our seniors including the art of making healthy interactions with everyone in the school. We will make sure to have a healthy relationship with the juniors and to follow the instructions of teachers.

At last to conclude this speech I want to say to our seniors that our wishes are always with you all. We wish you well for your successful future.

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Farewell speech for College Student

Hello hello!!!! Mike testing 1, 2, 3, 4 everyone can hear me ok so let’s get started

Good evening dean sir, our professors and all those who are here with me for the last four years.

I am happy that I got the chance to stand in front of you and remind you of the good and bad memories which we lived in our college which are now going to be souvenirs for all of us.

It seems like yesterday when we joined our college. There is something in this college because we all acclimatize with the ambiance of this college very quickly.

Earlier we thought that college life is so boring and we are going to miss our school days for sure, yeah we still miss our school days though, but this college never makes us feeling short of our school. We make new friends here who are awesome in all ways.

 I would like to thank all the professors for not only teaching us but also the moral values which they inculcate in us which is more necessary in today’s world.

They taught us how to celebrate your defeat because it will remind you to do better next time and they also inculcate the never lose and never give up mentality.

College life is the most important phase of your life and if you didn’t get the right path then it will ruin your whole life.

Our professor always inspired us and challenged us throughout the 4 years and we also never let them down in any way. We really worked hard for this day.

They made us tough and gentle to face the real world we are going to face.

From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of all the batch mates I would like to thank all professors for making us responsible people.

Friends the day you all are waiting for has arrived today. Today we all are going to graduate from our college and I can see so many faces that are happy, knowing that from tomorrow onwards they do not have to attend any lectures, no project work, no practical anything but…

They are also feeling said when they thought about, that they are going to miss all the wickedness, lecture bunk, unnecessary gossip, times we laughed, cried, screamed in joy, eating food without paying the bill in the canteen and all that.

From tomorrow our all memories will be kept forever on the walls of the college. We don’t want to part from each other but it’s the part of life we have to move on, now everyone will cherish these memories throughout their life.

It is the day when you have a mixed feeling, at one time you will feel elated, and at the same time, you feel dejected. All these feelings will vanish as time passes.

Before stepping down I would like to thank you once again to all professors and friends to be a part of a wonderful journey wish you all the luck for your future and I promise to be in touch with you forever. Now let’s celebrate this day because it will not be going to come again.

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Farewell Speech For Students (By Senior)

Sometimes the departure of a few people becomes a reason for celebration rather than their arrival and farewell is the same time. When a teacher or the juniors say goodbye to the seniors then it’s the time of celebration for all. When school staff and the juniors bid goodbye to the pass-out seniors it becomes a celebration. A farewell is a time to wish good luck to the seniors and seniors motivate juniors to work harder whereas teachers feel proud of their students.     

This is the time when all teachers, juniors, or seniors three of them speak of their mind. As a parting gift, a farewell speech for teachers by students is the best. This is the time when students can give a speech to thank their teachers. We understand that penning down a speech is a difficult task so here we have given a farewell speech for students ideally for seniors who are leaving the school. You can get inspiration from this and compile a speech for yourself.

Goodbye speech For Students (By Senior)

Good evening to the respected Principal sir, teachers, my juniors, and my dear classmates. It’s a pleasure for me to speak here at this farewell party on behalf of my class. I would like to thank my classmates and friends to give me this opportunity.

Today as our farewell party is going on and it is going to be the last day of us in this school, we are overwhelmed with your love and respect. It’s like a journey to get admission to this school as a young kid who doesn’t know how to even hold a pencil and leave it when my height is almost equal to my teachers. From here we all will go to see a bigger world in the form of college but it is the hard work of the teachers that made us capable enough to step out of this school. On behalf of my class, I would like to say that we all will never forget all the support and care given by our teachers.

Unlike college in school, we are to be in discipline, and the etiquette and discipline we learned here have given us a strong foundation. It seems like I just joined the school and it’s too early for me to leave this secure and familiar place. I am scared that how will I face the world outside of this school premises. But somewhere I am confident that I will make you proud and this confidence I got from your teachings and blessings.

This school was like our second home where we learned to differentiate between right and wrong. I will make sure that I will make my teachers and school proud. To my juniors, I would like to say that follow what your teachers say. Teachers may scold you sometimes but it’s for your betterment only. And to my batch mates, I would like to say that guys we will keep in touch. We have spent a very good time here and thanks for all those memories.  

Thank you all

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Farewell Speech for Students by Principal

Respected Teachers and my dear students,

Students, we all welcome you to this auspicious moment. This moment is very special for you as well as for us (principal, school staff). Every year we have students who pass out from our institute. For me, it has a mixed feeling of joy, happiness and on the other side, it gives sorrow and pain. A feeling of joy that all my students will achieve success, and sorrow for the thing that from today onwards we won’t meet in the classroom. Although, you are invited to every function in the institute. I with my faculty staff will always be there to support you. If you feel any help of mine, please do visit me.

I remember the day when you took admission to the school. You were not so bold enough to represent yourself. After your parents, we were the only ones who supported you, made you walk on your feet confidently, made you realize about the world through imparting knowledge. Sometimes we scolded you for your mistakes but trust me all we did was for the sake of your future. We have trust in our students and the knowledge we have provided you that you will never fail in your life. You have just completed the first phase of life and there are more to come. Now, you have to take the major decision of your life and you cannot depend on anyone for that. All my students have very good character and I never want you to diminish your good behavior. I request you to remember the much-used proverb, which has been told you by your faculties is “If health is gone nothing is gone if wealth is gone something is gone, but if the character is gone everything is gone. You will face many situations in your coming life and the principles, which are inculcated in you, will help you to get rid of you

The name and reputation we have earned for this institute are all because of you. The progress of the school equally depends upon the faculties and the students. I am thankful to all of the students for their support and for maintaining the dignity of the school. An institute is a structure whose pillars are students and the faculty.

I won’t conclude it by saying that work hard for your examination, our faculties have already told you the strategy to study. However, I must say that your goal should be achieving good marks and parallel work on self-development. Inculcate good habits, Eat healthy food and stay focussed. I thank you again for being a part of this huge family.

Good luck with your future endeavors.

Farewell Speech For Students By Teachers

A farewell is an occasion when juniors, seniors, and teachers gathered at one place and share their thoughts and experiences. A Farewell party is one of the rarest occasions when people celebrate the see-off to others else generally saying goodbye to someone is not a happy moment. 

Farewell, the party is a celebration time as the seniors leave the school to appear in further studies and bigger college. They will get more chances to grow and make their career. For juniors, it’s a time of celebration as their seniors are leaving with a legacy behind. And for teachers, it’s celebration time as their students have grown enough to come out from the boundaries and the discipline of the school and to move to a bigger world.

At farewell celebration students and teachers speak of their mind which is generally known as farewell speech. When you write a farewell speech you may have many thoughts in mind but to pen down them is not easy. So here we have compiled a sample farewell speech for students by teachers. The speech given here has been written keeping the Introduction, Briefing and wrapping up part in mind so this one going to be a perfect speech to bid goodbye on the farewell party.

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Goodbye Speech By Teachers

Good morning respected principal, dear colleagues, and friends, and my dear outgoing 12th class students. Finally, the day has arrived when we all are gathered here to wish farewell to the students of the most senior class of our school. Time really flies like anything. For me, it’s just a few days back when I was appointed as your class teacher and today I am honored and pleased to deliver this farewell speech.

Dear students of the 12th class, you may have faced many challenges in your academic session so far. For a few, Maths is the biggest difficulty in life and for others, it may be some other subject. But as you are moving to college now and going to plan your career then as a teacher it’s my responsibility to prepare you mentally about the upcoming challenges.

This school was like a nest of birds to you and now it’s the time to fly to explore the world. Trust me, students, today we are as happy as a bird would be after seeing her baby flying. We have worked hard to teach you how to fly and now when you are moving out, you will have to use that teaching. I am overwhelmed today as, under our guidance, you have achieved this impressive milestone of your student life with integrity. Because of your intelligence, you have left behind a very good legacy for the junior to follow.

When you are leaving school, its name will follow you everywhere you will go. I know that you will keep making us proud wherever you will go. We have given you a firm foundation here in schools so now it’s in your hand what kind of building you want to develop on it. With this responsibility on your shoulders, I would like to wish all the best to you for your future. Keep shining and get more success in the future. May God bless you all!

Thank you very much.

Farewell Speech for Office

A very good evening to all of you, you all must be wondering why you have been invited to today’s party. So let me reveal the surprise for you, as you know I have been a part of this wonderful company for the last 18 years and it’s like my second home. I still remember it was 14th of March 2002 when I associated with the company and it seems like it was yesterday when I joined the company and today I am standing in front of you and delivering my farewell speech…

Yes, you all heard it right I am going to retire from the company today. On the first day of joining, I never thought that one day I will deliver a farewell speech and it’s true but I am retiring from my job but not from my duties.

I am thankful to the company that improves my level of skills. The journey from a contract basis to a permanent employee of the company is so challenging for me. I learned so many things from the company especially from our seniors, they are always supportive and never pressurize me for any work and never gave me the deadline, I don’t know but somehow I understand what they want from me and in what duration, this is just because of mutual understanding between me and my seniors.

I saw so many ups and downs but I never quit and that’s my motto. I keep on working and always try to give my best from yesterday.

Today, I would like to thank everyone who is always there to help and support me, even my junior’s colleagues, they are from the new generation and they know various things and I learned so many things from them and I am that kind of person who is so keen to learn new-new things.

Yesterday when someone asked me how much money you are going to receive on the retirement day, I told him that I am going to receive the wealth of knowledge and respect which is more than any treasure. I am thankful to all of you to be a part of this journey and make my journey easier.

Being a part of this company is an honor to me it gives me so much respect among my family and friends circle.

I will tell you the two important things which I learned here, are time management and instant decision making and both these qualities are going to help me in the future. Because earlier I am not that great in both the department but slowly-slowly my seniors inculcate these qualities in me.

In my term, I got so many offers from other companies but I don’t want to part with from the company because this company made me eligible to stand tall in the market and because of this I got the opportunity from other company and…

When everyone is getting a pink slip in recession time then, this company stays strong with me, then how could I leave such company? And always refuse such offers.

All the moments in which I lived with this company and all of my colleagues are will be there with me for time-immemorial. We have given our day and night to this company and I can expect the same from the young guns of my team and they will carry on as we are doing and even more of it.

Someone asks me what will you do after retirement and I always keep my answer ready for such a question from the last few years, I didn’t spend quality time with my family so for the next few months I am going to do that and after that, I will join my friends business.

Once again thank you so much to all of you it’s been a wonderful experience working with you guys and thanks for coming to the party and all the very best for your future!

Farewell Speech For Teachers

Farewell in school is the time when the students and the teachers both have mixed feelings. The students are sad as they are to leave their school but excited for college or new schools. The same applies to the teachers, on one hand, they are sad as their students to whom they have taught for years are moving forward and on another hand, they are happy that the students are going to study in further classes.

Schools and students both organize a party to farewell to the students. Generally, this party or get-together is organized by the juniors but teachers are equally involved in this as they also want their students to leave their existing school with good memories. At the farewell party, the teachers also speak something to motivate the students for the upcoming challenges. Here we have compiled a farewell speech for the teacher. If you are a teacher then read the speech compiled below to get inspiration from it. We hope this will help you on the farewell day.

Goodbye Speech For Teachers

Good morning to the respected, principal, vice-principal, dear colleagues, families, and friends, lovely students, and students of 12th standard who are going to join different schools after a few days.

I am honored to give this farewell speech. Today I am speaking with a mixed feeling in my heart. Today is the day of happiness as students have grown up and now they are moving forward for further education but I am sad too as soon these familiar faces of students will move in front of my eyes. As you all know we are here to give a farewell to all our students, who are leaving school after the successful completion of their 12th in the college.

It’s a pleasure for me to welcome all of you to this colorful ceremony. Today I am overwhelmed to see you guys grown up enough to go out from this school to explore the new world. I congratulate all the students of the 12th class as their journey in this school is going to be over soon. Despite all the challenges you have faced in past years related to tour studies, other activities, and competitions you shine like a star. As your teacher, I know you will make your new college proud too as you made us proud.  

Today we have your juniors also with us in this hall. They have made all the arrangements for your farewell party. Nothing can be greater than this when your junior follows your footstep and our school is witnessing this proud moment.

Dear students, being a teacher is not an easy job. We need to be harsh and strict to you in order to make you capable enough to handle the upcoming challenges. Now when you will join a college it will be a test of your education as well. At last, I would like to wish the best of luck to all the students for their future. I hope you guys will make your new teachers proud too as you did to us.

Farewell Speech for School

Good Evening Principal sir/mam, vice-principal sir/mam, teachers, our beloved juniors, and my dear colleagues. Today we gathered here to celebrate our farewell party and our juniors giving us a bid farewell. Our juniors are so sincere they respect each of their teacher and seniors very well and guys you have done an awesome arrangement for a farewell party and you definitely deserve an applaud for it.

Today, I am standing in front of you on behalf of my class to deliver the last speech of my school life; right now our classmates are feeling nostalgic because we all are going to part from today. It is our last day of school and after that we all will jump into the well of competition, to get the best college to make our future bright.

I would like to thank all our teachers for their selfless dedication, just because of you we all are standing here and going to join our college life soon. You made us so strong so that we can face any kind of situation.

Our teachers play an important role in our life; they showed us the right path, especially mine because earlier I am just a below-average student and always in the chart of bad behavior students…

But my teacher knows the hidden caliber in me and they know, if they took me in the right direction then no one is going to stop me and seriously they worked really hard on me and because of it, I am the perfect of my class for the last five years and in the top three ranked students of our class from last five years.

The kind of support we get from our teachers in our lows and highs is commendable; they not only teach us but also prepared us how to face the world we are going to now face.

I would also like to thank the principal, vice-principal, and chairman sir; just because of you, we got a fantastic environment for study and always ready supportive teachers. You have arranged for us whatever we need in a short span of time.

You are always ready to help any students anytime and this shows your dedication towards the schools and students, thank you so much for that sir.

I would like to thank all my dear colleagues, you guys are so supportive, and as you all know…

Maximum of us are in the school since our first class and we spent twelve years of our school life together and we all are like a second family to each other.

I will miss all the moments we live in the classroom, campus, canteen, and especially on the roads.

The way we crack a joke, doing interesting things, playing games, doing silly mistakes, a competition that who is going to reach the school gate first, eating other lunch boxes especially in the periods and never endings talks and…

Even sometimes we fight with each other but we can’t live more than one day without talking to each other but moreover of it, we always ready to help each other when anyone is in need.

I am sure from tomorrow onwards whenever we recall our school days then there will be a dull smile on our face.

Friends you remember that day when we are in junior class and we heard about a farewell party first time ever…

And how we all are excited that we are going to have a party this year but when we get to know this is only for senior students who are in their final years then we all feel so said and…

We all keep on waiting for this day and we are so excited, that we will get the farewell party but when we get to know, that the day of the farewell party is going to be the last day of our school life then we are praying from god that we do not want this day to come in our life…

And as the day comes closer and closer our heart starts pumping faster. But someday it has to come and here it is.

The entire moments of our school life are a souvenir for all of us and we are going to cherish it for our entire life.

The more I will talk about the past it makes me feel nostalgic, so I will wrap up my speech and once again…

I would like to thank all the teachers, other staff members, and the watchmen uncle from the bottom of my heart.

Let’s celebrate this day because it’s never going to come again in my life again.

Farewell Speech for Kids

Respected, Principal sir, teachers, and all my dear friends. My name is Taashi and I am a student of class 4. Today is the last day of our class at this school. From tomorrow onwards we are going to join the senior secondary school branch of our school. My class teacher gave me the responsibility to give a speech on our farewell day. This is the first time I am giving a speech so pardon me if I have done any mistake.

I would like to thank on behalf of my class the teachers who teach us their new ideas and because of them, we learn daily new things. Vikas sir we never forget the single table thanks to you for teaching us in a new way. My parents are so happy that I am a part of this school and the way I perform and this happens just because of our teachers.

We will miss our teachers who never give up and tolerate our silly mistakes. Especially our class teacher Nalini mam, she is so nice and she never forgets to celebrate our birthday in class and she always played with us in our free time. She is one of the best teachers in our school every student from our class loved her a lot. Mam, we will miss you.

The moments we shared in this school are unforgettable for each student, we will definitely going to miss the last corner of my class where we all students play games.

I would like to thank our sports and cultural teacher also, they gave us chance to join their team and we won a trophy for our class last year just in a cultural activity it was because of them. Most of the students of our class are now always ready to take part in cultural activity and sir you will be happy to know that we are going to give audition for kid’s talent hunt which is going to be held next month in Delhi.

I also like to thank our principal sir who is so friendly in nature. It feels homely when we are in school. We never miss our homes when we are in school, but we definitely going to miss our school when we are at home for sure.

At last, I also like to thank our driver uncle who took all of us from home to school and vice versa.

We will definitely rock in our senior secondary school to make all our teachers proud thank you all of for your guidance and love.

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