Speech on Importance of Teacher in Our Lives for Students

Speech on Importance of Teacher in Our Lives

The role of teachers in shaping the future of their students cannot be overstated. From kindergarten to university, they impart knowledge and teach us about everything important. Furthermore, they teach us about ethical values and instill moral values in us. Consequently, teachers shape our personality into something beautiful and strong. A world without teachers would be definitely chaotic. Only a few people in our lives have an impact on our world, and teachers certainly fall into this category.

Importance of Teachers in Our Lives

Teachers assume the role of educators and caregivers. Sometimes, they also become our friends and help us with personal problems. You will become a better person and an informed person with the help of a teacher.

Additionally, they recognize their students’ potential before anyone else does. The fate of a nation is also in the hands of teachers, since the youth is in their care. The future of the country will be in safe hands when the youth are educated and informed.

Teachers are responsible for the fate of their students. Students are pushed to achieve greater heights and become successful because of them. As a result, they become doctors, lawyers, pilots, scientists and more with the help of teachers. In India, we even celebrate Teacher’s Day to honor them on 5th September, every year.

A Teacher’s Role

While some people think it’s easy, the role of a teacher is very challenging and equally important. It is their responsibility to impart the correct knowledge and in the right manner. They have to teach methodically for which they prepare their lessons beforehand. Thus, they are able to motivate their students through the use of accurate techniques.

A good teacher gives homework to their students also checks it regularly for a better practice. Further, they plan meticulously for a better teaching pattern. For a smooth teaching experience, they plan the entire syllabus out at the beginning of the year.

In addition to teaching, a teacher is also a good organizer. They have to organize various activities that take place in school throughout the year. Further, they have to take care of other little yet important things, like the seating arrangement, classroom activities and more.

Moreover, they also supervise a lot of tasks and activities in school. For instance, attendance, homework, behaviour is also supervised by teachers. It is their responsibility to ensure that the students are disciplined and decorous.

Most importantly, they guide the students every step of the way. They have to make sure they do not favour a specific student and give equal attention to all. In fact, teachers have to decide how they divide the attention towards students who need it more than others.

Our teachers make this world a better place, so it is fair to say they are the ones who make a difference. Through their work, they improve the lives of students all over the world. Additionally, teachers play the role of so many people in the lives of their students. It makes all the difference in one’s life when they are a mentor, a parent, a friend, and more.

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