Farewell Speech, Check Best Farewell Speech Samples and Templates (Free download)

Farewell Speech: There are myriad occasions where we might have to deliver farewell speeches. Sometimes, it gets highly confusing considering all the factors that we need to take into account while delivering the speech. In some awkward situations, you might land up in tight spaces if you think you are not a fair writer. But do not worry, we have you covered. Check the best speeches that you can deliver on someone’s farewell, be it your colleague, friends, or anyone. Use any of the following speeches depending upon your context and furthermore, radiate appreciation for the recipient.

Farewell Speech

Best Farewell Speech Samples and Templates

Farewell is a special day for anyone, be it in a crowd or a single person saying a successful goodbye. In schools, a farewell generally means students of the highest standard pass out of the institution. However, in the case of workspace, it gets subjective and is about one or a few employees bidding adieu. In an informal setting, when one of the family members or a friend group locomotes to a different location, the beloved host a farewell to wish luck. It is mostly an emotional day for each and everyone, considering that it embarks the end of a happy and successful journey in one space. When we talk about giving farewell speeches, one must realise that this duty is really special as it indicates that the person who is allotted the responsibility could be special or prominent in the school, workspace, family or friend circle.

Tips for writing a Farewell Speech

Observe the subsequent tips while preparing and delivering an engrossing farewell speech:

  • Farewell speeches must be engaging.
  • They need to bind the listeners and the targeted person or batch.
  • It should create a sense that the person or group who the speaker addresses are not only vital for the zone but also for the people in it.
  • These speeches should highlight the difference that can be visioned upon departure and also the reasons behind that disparity.
  • The writing needs to focus on the qualities and must be full of appreciation and wishes for the future.
  • While speaking and addressing, you also need to consider that your expressions define and assist the words you speak. This will flaunt a personal touch to the speech.

Check out the following speeches and choose the one suitable to you and your purpose.

School/College Farewell Speech

Farewell Speech by Juniors to Seniors

This speech is for the Juniors who will address their seniors passing out of school/college. The following speech template is best suited to speak on the day of the farewell day while directly preaching to the entire batch of the Seniors.

Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening (depending upon the time at which the event takes place) everyone is present here with us. It makes me more than grateful to be able to express my feeling today. This is really an emotional for each one of us as we bid farewell to the best seniors we could ask for. You all are a batch of enthusiastic, vigorous and dedicated students who have always contributed to the positivity of the school/college, in numerous ways. Each one of you was inspiring and motivating. We are extremely appreciative of all that we could look up to in you.

Before I address the emotion and sentiments of all of us, I would like to congratulate you all for the amazing days that you spent here. It is important to tell you that you were extraordinary in your approach to all the departments of schooling. Be it academic, sports, performing arts or enjoying g oneself, you were outstanding. Your batch has set up high benchmarks which will be extremely difficult for us to match. However, we will excel too, as you as our mentors have always motivated us to do our best. We thoroughly value being able to share the ecosystem that each one of you created with sheer honesty and zeal.

I am 100% ( one hundred per cent) certain that there will be a ton of memories that you would have made in these classrooms, on the grounds, and even outside the premises. Your personal moments are stowed safely here and will always be available to you for reminiscence when you will visit back. The doors here will always be open to you with the same amount of admiration and care. As you all embark upon this journey of moving on to future endeavours, I wish you much luck and success.

Life ahead will treat you all well but certainly, you will treat yourselves with the best. Because you all deserve only the best. I can assure you, that all that you have acknowledged will always help you and direct you towards the right. The Teachers here, your juniors, the authorities, and all the staff are proud of what you all are today. We have complete faith in you and envisage you pursuing something that will rouse your souls and make you ecstatic.

I think if I will keep going on, I might end up with a tear or two in my eye. On behalf of all present here, I wish you triumphs and contentment hereafter. You all made this place authentic with your verismo. All the best and fare thee well!

Farewell Speech by the Batchmate

The Seniors who are receiving the farewell in School/College can deliver this speech while addressing the authorities, juniors, staff, and all the batchmates. The speech is written on a personal note and also includes addressing the feelings on behalf of all the Batchmates who are receiving the farewell.

I cannot believe that today will be the last time I will be addressing my affection, my admiration and regard for this institution. A very warm Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening (depending upon the time at which the event takes place) to the respected Principal, inspiring Teachers, adorable Juniors and most importantly, the best batchmates one could ask for. I feel so old as I stand here saying goodbye and leaving this place where we all grew up in our respective times. Well, I am not specifically talking with respect to the number of days or years we spent here but our growth as humans. School/ College plays a vital role in everybody’s life. And specifically, for us all, this place and the people here worked like magic. We have learned to live and prosper in harmony, peace and sustainability.

A lot of thoughts consumed our contemplation in the last few days. Like, what to do next, what will happen as we will move on, will we be happier, will our lives turn out exactly the way we expect them to be and so on and so forth. But right now all of these introspections have flushed into the sea of nostalgia that I have started getting by just standing here. I am beyond scared to imagine how empty we would initially feel when we will actually not be here.

There are multiple reasons I can confidently say this on behalf of my and my batchmate’s future thoughts. I can all sum it up under one umbrella ground, which is, this place was our second home. I am sure that will not get any disagreements on this. We all want someone who would guide us through the thick and thin of our lives and it was exactly a relief to receive the valuable lessons from Principal Ma’am/Sir. Your insights pertaining to solutions that we can opt for when stuck in problems changed our lives. I can never forget the advice I received here for one straightforward reason, it is life-changing.

Our Teachers not only taught us how to excel in academics but also helped us sail through the problems in life. Be it random academic advice or life insights, they were always providing the best answers. At home, we have mothers who take care of us, notice everything and in Schools/Colleges, we have Teachers. Teachers are just like parents. They know everything and inspire us through their experiences in life for a better living.

Juniors, yes you all! I don’t know if I should call you lucky for being here for the next session too or just a bit unfortunate to have us around. Just kidding, you made our lives interesting. I personally never felt unnecessarily over respected by you all for the only fact that we were elder in age. You were genuine around us and above it all, fun. We enjoyed being around, guiding you and listening to your positive feedback on whatever we did. We have always found you supporting us, no matter what.

Last, but never the least and definitely the best, dearest batchmates. I do not know how to say this but there is no other way. I just love each one of you. We have had some really good and goofy times together. Be it in the class, outside the class or even in the examination hall, we always enjoyed whatever we had in our way. Be it punishments, free lectures, awards or a random boring day, with you everything was just exciting. All the memories that we made together here in this space will be saved in my heart forever and ever. And I feel that this feeling is just very mutual for all of us.

Personally, I am very grateful to stand here and be able to say all that I feel about everything. I am trying to get my heart out here. However, I do realise that each one of you would be feeling like something inside us is very empty and must be getting these sad thoughts about how everything will never be the same. I accept, it won’t. But, this is change and growth. Let us just promise each other to grow as human beings and always keep the child in us alive, secure the values that we imbibed in this place, remember each good day, and most importantly, cherish each other.

I wish you all luck, including me. I thank everyone here for making this place just amazing and reliable. It is the unity, harmony and understanding of the people that are associated with this institution that shines out. We are glad and thankful for each day and moment that we spent here. Saying goodbye but not to the memories for a person can leave home physically but never emotionally.

Farewell Speech by the Authorities to the Passing out batch

The Principal/ Dean or Higher Authorities or Teachers are always asked to speak up for the students who are passing out of the School/ College. If you also have to do the same, don’ worry. To deliver a speech in that case, you can refer to the subsequent Farewell Speech template.

A very Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening (depending upon the time at which the event takes place) to all the Students and Staff present here. I feel extremely happy and proud to address all of you today. It is still taking time for me to process that you all will be no longer seen on the school/college premises, every day. I was just so used to seeing you all learning and having g a great time in your life. School/College life is a time that is the purest. Nothing can be compared to the innocence and the simplicity of this time. I feel older as every batch passes out but at the same time, it just makes me more and more grateful.

As someone who has had the privilege to observe your growth, I want to tell you all that you all have given us myriad reasons to miss you and have faith in your bright future. Life ahead will be different. Each one of you will be carrying on with your future endeavours in order to fulfil your dreams and rise up for successful days and peaceful nights. To tell you that it will be easy out of here, will be a lie. Things will be tough and sometimes heart-wrenching. But, one fact I know for sure is that you are all strong. You are prepared for the best, for everything that will come your way. Things might not work in your favour one day, but they will definitely, someday. All you need to do is believe.

No matter how far fetched your aim or dream is, no matter how tough situations are, just remember you all can do anything. Be persistent and always repeat the words, “If going to Mars is possible, then this too is”. This is something that always kept me going and it will inspire you all too. You all are extremely faithful and capable. I have never seen a batch that is so determined and focused on everything to do. Your demeanour and achievements have set a benchmark so high that it will be rather very difficult for the coming batches to match it.

As I talk about all the determination, excellence, and achievements, I see some very mischievous faces which I need to call out. Do not feel relieved, it’s time for the last scolding! Just kidding. I have always punished or scolded you for your playfulness. However, we never admit this but we are always in awe of such students who bring out the liveliness in all of us. You always gave us reasons to smile, even if we did it to ourselves. The energy and zeal that I witnessed in you are precious. Please keep the child in you secure and always humming.

It was an honour to have you all here. We are grateful for every step you all have taken with us in your journey of life. Right now, as I say this, I get extremely emotive, I will miss you all here. I wish each of you a ton of luck and I assure you all that guidance from not only me but everyone here will always be available. We are with you in your walk of life, making a bridge of our experience to guide you through rivers of obstacles. All the very best. Hoping to see you all reach the unimagined and mighty world of ecstasy with all your dedication, capability, and talent.

Workplace Farewell Speeches

From the fellow Employee

This speech is for the employee leaving the workspace to move on to the next level or any other profession. The speech can be delivered by his/her fellow colleagues or prominent friends in the professional space.

Hello everyone. I hope you all are having a great day. We know we all have gathered here to celebrate the departure of my dear friend, ____________ (Name of the Employee leaving). Just joking, we are all here to celebrate the successes and reminisce the amazing time spent by him/her/them (choose the appropriate pronoun). I feel different as I say goodbye to you. It feels awkward to realise the fact that we will not see you again in this space working with us, eating with us, joking with us, or doing anything. Yes, of course, we will meet and we will always welcome you on your visits but to have you here was a privilege. I am not joking my friend. You were not less than a moving helpdesk. You never restrained assisting any one of us in our hard times.

I do not know where to begin. Should I start with the very first day you came here or the day you achieved glory for us all or today. You were a treat to watch when you worked swiftly, micromanaging and multitasking. It was inspiring to watch you being so effortless all the time. But more than that, we are very grateful for the motivation you injected into us when we were not at our best. Your sheer diligence, honesty, alertness, kindness, and humanity is the reason why you deserve to go higher and higher.

It is very difficult for us all to bid you adieu because, without you, this place will feel so empty. Genuinely, your smile radiated and spread a ray of positivity. When you laughed you made sure that everyone laughed with you. You cared for us like your own and we all became a family in no time. Saying goodbye to you is like saying goodbye to a family member going abroad. There will be fewer visits, less communication, and most remembering. We all have valuable memories together. You will not be here in your chair working but you sure will be in our hearts.

We are glad for all the opportunities that will come across in your career. We are assured that you will excel in everything you do because you have been doing that for a very long time. It will not be surprising to see you on heights because you deserve it. With a heavy heart as I say goodbye, with a happier soul I wish you luck. Wishing you the best of all the worlds and an ocean of luck. Make us proud, wherever you go, whatever you do!

By the Employee who is leaving

If you are the employee who is leaving your workspace and have to say something to all your colleagues and your boss, the day of farewell is the best day. Refer to the speech given below and use it to that everyone who has assisted you in your professional journey.

I cannot believe I am saying this for probably the last time here, Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening (depending upon the time at which the event takes place). It makes me elated and sad at the same time as saying goodbye to you all. Whatever number of days I spent here, they mean the world to me. I feel that as I will move out of this office today, I will leave a part of me here. But also, I will take parts of you with me. Your love, wishes, happiness, precious smiles, a ton of memories and a lot of other things are trapped in my soul. I never would have believed the first day when I came here that I will be able to receive so much love. I am beyond grateful for my journey here.

These walls have seen me strive with dedication for every project that I was involved in. I have laughed, smiled, annoyed, joked, slept with open eyes, worked hard, and been grateful in my time here. It was unknown to me how to make people who are not related to you by blood, your family. I realised that here. You all are a family to me. If I start assigning roles, it will start getting complicated because in a time of nuclear fam lilies you all became my extended family. You all were not annoyed and jealous relatives but like the constantly motivating siblings who live, laugh, fight, eat, disagree, and do everything in unity.

I have genuinely felt that all your efforts were concentrated on making this place survivable, conformable and eternally rational. Not even in a single day in my life, I have felt that there is something like an obstacle to my growth here. It is really lucky to have worked here under the guidance of people like you, __________, _________, (name a few authoritative people) and so many others. Thank you for guiding my trembling boat in the wind struck seas. You have motivated me when I needed it the most.

It will be quite unfair to say that you only guided and taught us. Because at the end of the day you never treated us like your employees. We were your work friends. You maintained a healthy camaraderie with all of us. I value that more than I could ever talk about it. You always understood how important our personal lives are and always cooperated in our tough times. Never bossed us, just made sure we worked up to our capabilities. This is the real quality of a true leader.

Being here and working for ___________ (name of the company) was a privilege. It was really special to represent the Team at various levels. There are so many moments when we all aced. With you all, each day felt like literally a blessing to me. I am really not lying but I might not be able to find such a positive professional space in my career. Just as excited I am to start a new chapter in my life, it is equally heartbreaking to say bye to you all. I will l never forget the love I have received from you all and all the memories we have made together. Thank you, for everything and especially for having this big heart and making so many arrangements for me. You guys never miss out on a chance to make me feel special. I will miss you all. See you all super soon!

Speech by the Boss to the Employee

Boss speeches are just as important on the day of farewell. It is the only day when an employee can expect a lot of words in appreciation. Hence, as a boss, if you have to deliver a farewell speech for one of your employees, here is a template that will assist in doing the job.

A warm welcome to everyone this Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening (depending upon the time at which the event takes place). We all are gathered here to congratulate _______________ (name of the employee) for the excellent time he/she has spent in ___________ (name of the company). Suddenly I feel overwhelmed by all that is happening today. One of our very brilliant employees will soon embark upon a new journey. I not only feel proud but also a little melancholic because we will be losing out on an all rounding talent. Someone who was always meticulous in demeanour and absolutely particular with the work assigned.

Employees can be any of the two things to a company, asset or a liability. You were consistently the former. Your dedication and diligence continually surprised me. You were always inspiring to other colleagues, respectful towards the hierarchy, and considerate towards the staff. You were exactly what we expect in an employee. Finding your replacement would be tough. You have set such high benchmarks that it will be more than just difficult for any fresher or even an experienced novice to match. I will always remember you as someone generous and absolutely professional. Your presence in the workspace was charming.

I know who you deserve to rise and shine with new opportunities and endeavours ahead of you, I wish you luck. I will always be available to you as a mentor. Our doors will forever be open to you and so are our hearts. Wishing you luck and great heights. All the very best. Keep being the uncomplicated and immaculate human you are.

Family/Friends Farewell Speech

Speech by the Family Member or Friend

The subsequent speech is for the occasion when your loved one, be it a friend or a family member is leaving town and hence a farewell is being hosted. The speech will help you articulate your feelings all in one place to speak on the day.

Hi everyone. It just makes me the happiest to remind you that we will not have to tolerate __________ (name of the person to whom you are bidding farewell) consistently. Haha, just joking. Well truly, I am relieved that finally, you are onto something that will bring you closer to your goals. I have seen you working really hard for this day. As someone who has always admired you, I feel proud to have a ____________ (relationship with the person, such as a friend, brother, sister, son, daughter, etc) like you. More than that, I feel elated about the growth you are making. I take immense pleasure and also shed a few tears as I say goodbye to you.

You not being here will affect us all. We might not say it that often, but it will. I keep getting these thoughts of not having you here with us and it makes me almost teary. Now that I realise that all these thoughts will be the reality I just feel more overwhelmed. But, at the same time, I feel ecstatic about the new endeavour that you will start in your life. You have worked with sheer diligence and dedication to reach where you are today. Positively, I look forward to seeing you at the top because I know you can and you will. You have been always different. Never ever I have seen you being involved in petty things in life. You have focused on the bigger things. Your mind has worked in the direction of your goal and that is the reason for your success so far.

Talking about the difference that your presence shall create in our lives, it is inevitable to admit that you are definitely the most loved and adored person in the gang. Your smile not only lights up the room but also hearts. One thing that I will miss about you the most is the way you greet everyone. Something is just very distinct about that. The vibes that you radiate are positive and glowing. Your energy is unmatchable and your absence in this town will make us miss you. You are the purest of all humans I know in life. You are honest, genuine, and generous. There are numerous incidents when I have observed your efforts to make this world better and you surely do that.

I think I have spoken a lot and if I will keep on going, I might end up crying and trust me, I don’t look that good weeping. Haha! With my heart filled with love and jubilance, I wish you all the best. As you embark upon this new journey, I am just sure that you will excel. But remember, if something bad goes down ever, you will always find me standing next to you. I have your back. I will be with you through you thick and thin. My love for you is absolutely unconditional and unmatchable. I wish you all the luck and love in the world. You will always get what you deserve and my prayers are with you, through. Adieu, dear!

Speech to Family/Friends

If you are the one who is leaving the town and have to address your family members or friends or both, you can take ideas from the farewell speech below or adjust it according to you. It will help you a=by making your job easier by dodging you from extra work.

I do not know how I start! Hi all, I am just so consumed with different thoughts at one time that it is getting really difficult for me to articulate everything all at once. Yes, I am happy, excited, delighted, optimistic, and whatnot about my new journey but more than that I am a bit disappointed. Disappointed because I will not be seeing you all for some time. Each of you has influenced me in the most positive ways possible. It is my honour to tell you all how lucky I am to have you all with me. I must have done some really impeccable deeds in my last few births that you all became a part of my life. Rather, you all are a part of me.

I did work hard and aimed to change my life and reach heights but I always imagined doing all that with you. It is imperative to let you all know that you have motivated and inspired me in ways you do not know. You all are most important to me. I love each one of you unconditionally. I might have not realised this but it is really hard for letting me go, but you are doing it for me. This is what defines love. Yeah, you will all disagree out of a gag right now but your eyes can never hide your emotions. I remember the day it got confirmed that I will be moving to _______ (name of the place for where you are departing), you all got so touched.

I will make you all proud, I promise. You all deserve to be adored all your life because you have always picked me up when I felt most not like me. Each one of you has been with me through thick and thin. You have made me the luckiest person on earth. I will leave no stone unturned to make sure that all that I do just elates you all. I am grateful for this life, and more because you all are in it. Thank you for everything. I appreciate all the efforts.

Thank you for this party, thank you for making my life happening, thank you for calling me out when I act mindless, thank you for tolerating my bad, thank you for appreciating my goof, for being there when I need you, for being absolute lambs, for caring for me like a toddler, for giving me a reason to smile and shine, for being the best family/friends in the world, for just everything. I am just lucky, simply lucky. I love you all eternally and continually will.

Farewell Speech Template

Here is a template. Follow the given instructions and do as directed to create your own Farewell Speech as per your requirements and situation.

Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening (depending upon the time at which the event takes place).

I am more than just grateful as I say thank you to all of you for this Farewell Party. It means a lot to me to have such Friends/ Relatives/ Colleagues/ Schoolmates/ Batchmates. You all value me a lot and I am thankful for that. My time here was pleasant and you guys made sure that it keeps on getting better each day. This ______________ (name of the School/ College/ Company/ Town) has always been a place I freely called home. Now I am stepping away from my abode and it feels overwhelming. Honestly, I am confused if I should be happy about this or just sad. I am just feeling a lot of mixed emotions.

Thank you for being in a lovely environment. Without your support, I would not have been able to ace this. Thank you for all the assistance and love. I look forward to my future ahead but with your blessings. Kindly bless me with your tenderness and wishes. I am thankful for every day we have spent together. I am sure such days will surely return. You allow are gold. I will miss being here. See you soon. Thank you and Adieu!


We hope that you liked all of the above farewell speeches. Kindly use them as per your purpose. We look forward to you using them and addressing your people. Hoping that we made your life a bit easier. Kindly let us know in the comment section below if you have any doubts or if you want to appreciate our work. We value your feedback. Have a nice day!

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