Speech on Patriotism

Dear fellow students and respected teachers, my speech today will be about patriotism and what this means for every man.

Patriotism is a Greek word that means the love for one’s country -‘patris’ means country and especially the country one comes from. Ancient civilizations such as Greeks and Egyptians considered this love of country a necessary trait for every man. People went to battle and sacrificed their lives for the love of their home countries with pride and honor.

What makes a man a patriot? I would say it’s the unlimited and unconditional love of his country. A true patriot is always ready to serve his country in every way is necessary without fear or reservation. This sense of sacrifice makes him proud of being a citizen and an inhabitant of his homeland. In fact, many wars have taken place in the name of patriotism and many great men have fought for their country’s independence. The history of almost every country in the world feature wars for the sake of the country’s freedom and sacrifices in the name of it.

Patriotism is also considered an important element of a man’s character. It shows that someone has pride and a sense of responsibility towards his country. People live in a country and benefit from what this place has to offer to them and must recognize this and act accordingly. A patriot is one that appreciates his native language and respects and follows his native traditions. It’s part of a man’s moral character making him a better and more ethical person

Being a patriot is being proud of our country. This doesn’t mean though that looking down on other countries and their values are accepted. We love our India because we are grown here and taught to feel proud of it but other citizens also feel the same for their own. We must respect and value every man’s love for his country no matter who the country is. Our patriotism cannot be the reason to disrespect another person’s feelings for his own country. On the contrary, we must admire and appreciate him more because of these very feelings he has,

When we feel love about our country is great and we must learn to show it at any opportunity. This means celebrating Independence Day and all events that have to do with our country’s freedom. Must know the history of it and share it with others to motivate them. Above all, we must be ready to understand that we may be asked to sacrifice our welfare and even life for our country and do it proudly.

At the end of this speech, I would like to note that every country mostly relies on its younger citizen for support in difficult times. Patriotism is a great moral characteristic that shows the best qualities of a person: unconditional love and respect. Our education must strive to develop this feeling in the hearts of young students and teach them how to express it. Learning about one country’s history is a great place to start-understanding that a conscious citizen is most of all a patriot. Children should be taught to love their language and traditions-it is through them that they will start feeling proud of their country and feel ready to defend it whenever needed.

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