Speech on Yoga

Dear students and teachers, I am happy to be here today and deliver my speech. Today I have planned to speak about yoga and how important it is for everyday life. Yoga is a practice that comes from the ancientpractices of India and spread to the entire world. It is partly exercise of the body and partly exercise of the brain or meditation.

Many people do yoga as part of their everyday regime and feel refreshed. The greater quality of yoga practice though is that it provides the cure for illnesses of the mind and soul, the cure needed for a healthy body and soul.

First of all, yoga is a great opportunity for exercise as it stretches the body and relaxes the body. This way, it improves circulation and makes the body organs work better. It also improves body posture and the way someone sits or walks as it teaches people to listen to their body needs. Most gym facilities today have yoga programs and have trainers educated on the matter that provide the necessary guidance. Yoga makes us be healthier and more able to cope with everyday activities so it’s advisable we do every day. We just need to have someone who is properly trained to assist us and so to benefit the most and avoid injuries.

Yoga is also required to train the mind and preserve it in good condition. When we do yoga we say certain mantras that help us meditate and concentrate our brain. This way the mind is exercised quite like the body and becomes youthful and relaxed. People that do yoga every day can do their work easier and with less mental fatigue than those who do not-and feel better along the way. Our brain will not age or be tired when we employ yoga in our everyday routine and we’ll feel benefited from it in the long-term.

One great advantage from doing yoga is also stress relief. The modern way of living is tiring and demanding, people are struggling to be better every day and thus get stressed. This is not to be ignored asanxiety is an important risk factor for illnesses and long terms diseases. Yoga practices can offer an escape from everyday stress and provide relaxation. It is both the body and the soul that feels calm and serene during yoga and the results can last hours later. A yoga session can be both relaxing and anti-depressing, we just have to be motivated to do it and we’ll feel better.

Closing my speech, I would like to mention that yoga and its practice ritual can be used to bring people together. When doing yoga with others we feel united as a community and empathize with others. We develop a healthier way of living and better relationships with others. A community is greatly benefited by the promotion of yoga and for that reason, Yoga Days have been introduced. In the end, yoga makes us better persons in so many ways. And this is not only happening in adults, students like us can also be greatly benefited from the practice of it.

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