Speech on Friendship for Students

It’s difficult to start and end the speech on this beautiful topic. Words will be less for this amazing topic. So what is friendship? It’s a beautiful combination of two or more than two people. They share their thoughts they are in a relation of mutual understanding. No one can break them.

Trust is the main key to Friendship. So guys don’t and never waste your friend. It’s a very sweet relation and is also very pure. There are many different forms of friends and friendship. School gives you different friends. The college has another array of friends. But believe me, school friendship lasts till death.

They are your true believer and help you. Without friends you are incomplete. You cannot feel happy nor have a good state of mind. Friendship makes you proud and happy. It lightens your mood. Friends make your inner self alive and they never make you feel dull or bored. Every second is cherishing with friends. It’s very good luck if got a good friend. Luck matters the most in this matter. No sorry and thank you rule implies in friendship. It’s a limitless journey and gives or takes nothing. Love and affection come first in this relationship. It does not include colour or caste system. Friends are just made.

Friendship is a very unique and a special bond in everyone’s life. Not everyone is lucky to have a pure friend. Some people become your friends for their own purpose. So dear fellows stay away from them. They are real culprits. You need to be careful. Friendship is a very cute relationship but some people have made it worse. So don’t be a bad friend. Always become the sincere one. In this way, you will live a happy and peaceful life. People who have a vast circle of friends never get bored. Friends share their feelings and personal thoughts with each other. They are at a pace of comfort. Nothing formal happens in Friends.

With friends, we feel safe and secure. We don’t think another time before talking or discussing. They know everything about us. Everything is in their minds. They can tell when another friend is unhappy or sad. Then they all try to cheer up and remain happy. True friends have many qualities. They are kind, very helping, caring and loving. They cannot see their friend in pain or problem. They hide each other’s secret. I know we all do. Do you guys also? This relation of friendship is priceless. No one can sell or buy it. If someone does this stuff then he is creepy. Moreover, he or she is not your friend. A true friend never gets jealous of your success. They feel happy and proud of your success.

People who have good friends never have any emotional problem. They share their every stuff with them. In the end, I would like to end my speech with these words that care about your friends. Love them. If you lost them you will regret forever.

Thank you!

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