Speech on Friendship for Students

Greeting all students and teachers present hereby. My speech today is devoted to friendship and how important it is for all people regardless of country or age. Friendship is the mutual amicable relationshipbetween two persons and one that requires them to be truthful and loyal to one another.

Friendship is an important element of most people’s everyday life, a situation that gives them comfort and joy. We can feel we are friends with a person of any race, gender or regardless age. Some argue there can be also feelings of friendship between humans and domestic animals such as pet dogs and cats. In any case, what defines friendship are the strong feelings of loyalty between the individuals and the continuous help and support they provide.

True friends love each other unconditionally and are always ready to sacrifice their own comfort when their friend is in need. They express strong emotions of care, genuine interest and empathy for the other; always ready to act and defend their friend. Friendship is the magical thing that unites people of different races or traditions, a precious gift from one individual to the other. They assist and support their friend without having anything to gain in return, in fact, true friends don’t even ask for retribution. That is why friendship is considered one of the most important relationships people can form with others.

Friendship is also a great lesson on love and compassion. We learn to listen and cater to our friend’s needsand desires without expecting anything in return. This process is shaping our character and creating the moral code that is necessary for all human beings and societies. We take valuable lessons about respectand tolerance through our friendship with others and are ready to give back. We feel happy and fulfilled, ready to face the difficulties of everyday life.

One who learns to be a good friend and companion is also a great citizen and a person of high moral status. The values of unconditional love and tolerance shape our character and make us a better person in many levels. A person that has learned not to harm but love the others is a valuable member of any society and of great moral standing. A true friend is not only invaluable to his partner but is also a good and devoted citizen. Friendship introduces us to emotions and feelings that shape our whole personality and gradually make us a better person.

Friendship is precious but fragile. We must not exploit other people’s feelings or take advantage of them. Being always honest and genuine is the key to preserving a friendship and advancing it over the years. Our friend will want to retribute our love and loyalty but we must not require it, in a true friendship it will come naturally. Monetary or other transactions can also be a threat and should be avoided altogether when it comes to friends and companions. We must safeguard and cherish our friendships and try not to ruin them with egoistic behaviors.

Closing my speech I would like to note that life’s great lesson on friendship starts as early as school years. Some of our fellow students will become our friends forming relationships that could last a lifetime. Those feelings of love and compassion will make our every day at school a happy and fulfilling one.

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