Short Speech on Pollution

Good Morning Everyone. Today the topic of my speech is Pollution. I would like to address all the present teachers and students here. It has been one of the biggest challenges and affecting human and wild life. This pollution problem is faced by everyone around the Globe. Pollution is a general problem. Many different types of toxic and hazardous chemicals are gathered in the environment and causing pollution in water, soil and Air. Noise and thermal pollution are the examples.

 Smokes and different types of dust particles intermingle in the air to cause air pollution. This is very injurious to health when we breathe in that Toxic Air into our lungs. Industries and sewage directly throw their toxic wastes in water which at the end meet the bigger water bodies. (Lakes, sea and rivers). This water then becomes unfit for drinking. This polluted water contains bacteria, viruses and is very dangerous for animals and other organisms who consume it.

The environment is not healthy nowadays due to the noise pollution caused by Transport, noise and other electronic devices. This noise pollution is causing damage to our ears. Permanent exposure to this noise pollution cause hearing problems and sometimes deafness in small kids and old people.

Dear fellows another type of pollution is soil pollution. Use of insecticides and pesticides by the farmers cause leakage of heavy metals and toxic chemicals in the soil. These contaminants in the form of liquid, solid or gas are caused by this land pollution. These chemicals also mix with underneath water and are injurious to the fish and marine life living there. 

Plastic my friends are also causing severe land pollution. It’s a non-biodegradable molecule and is non eco-friendly substance. It’s affecting the wildlife and its habitat in the worse way anyone can imagine. Change of temperature in water bodies is happening by this plastic material. Oxygen level in water is also decreasing because of this pollutant.

So dear friends and fellows this earth is our home. We all need to protect our home. Without it, we can’t survive. Everyone should play their part in making this environment a healthy one where our future generations can live happily ever after. Educational agencies and especially government should play their parts in awareness campaigns. Use of harmful chemicals should be banned by the government.

Thank you for listening to and paying attention to my speech.

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