Short Speech on Patience

Patience is a virtue”, “patience is not the sign of no action”, “patience gives you the ability to convince.” Good morning respected teachers and fellow students, today I got the golden opportunity to stand in front of and give a speech on patience.

This is 21st century going on and everyone expects to get things instant and fast. Having patience is one of the great quality. Patience can help you in various ways. Patience can make you think deeply, find the deep root of the problem and solve them. Decisions taken in hurry or in rush always put you in more trouble.

If things are not going according to the plans, patience is the only trait which can convince you to believe that everything will be fine. Patience makes you an emotionally strong person. It helps you to not get the emotional break down too early. You believe in seeing the situation from your own eye and then have the capacity to think about it and get the solution as soon as possible.

If you are a patient person then no problem can shiver you. Patience brings on self-confident and self-believing.   It makes you optimistic. Patience not only helps you to make decisions in your life but this quality can also make you the big support in others life. You cannot get this trait at a very early stage. It requires a very balanced mindset and dedication towards being a polite or patience person.

In the last of my speech, I just want to say patience plays a very important role in our life. We should at least try to be patient in a certain situation. Random or rapid aggression or reaction always makes the situation worst. Patience makes you believe in yourself. Patience leads to make better and well decisions. Patience makes your personality more mature. People also like to converse with the person who believes in listening, thinking and speaking. Words were spoken without thinking always ruin the conversation or situation. Patience can bring great changes to your life.

Thank you, everyone! Forgiving your crucial time and listening to me.

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