Short Speech on India

The second most populated country in the world, the seventh largest country in the world is India. Good morning respected teachers and dear students. Today I am here to give a speech on our country India.

India is a country with diverse culture and religion. India has 29 states and every state have its own culture and tradition. All the festival and celebration are all around the country. No religion is being neglected. India has 22 official languages, several dance form, multiple food culture.

Along with it’s a democratic country and everyone is having fundamental rights. Nobody can put another human down. Its democratic system never favours a particular religion. Every citizen is equal since everybody is given the same rights. Nobody has can violate his or her rights.

If we talk about climate and agriculture then there is no fixed climate in India. It changes with the time. Season changes with time. Winter, monsoon, summer and autumn are the major seasons. India is a mixed economy. Agrarian and privatization, both are done here. Here is cultivation is also done according to the weathers.

India is the country where you can see modernization without forgetting its tradition. India has a different theme of living. It has a unique history, unique struggles and then unique way of living together and developing day by day. At last of my speech, I just want to say that India is the most beautiful country in the world not just because it is a popular tourist destination but people living here and the cultures followed here makes India more beautiful and attractive. Nobody can call themselves homeless since we Indian stay together as a family and can never see others in pain. Whether we know them or not. We are always happy to serve them and help them. This is the beauty of our India.

Thank you for giving your crucial time and listening to my speech.

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