Farewell Speech for Colleague | Best Farewell Speech for Students and Children in English

Farewell Speech for Colleague:

The Farewell Speech: What is it? The farewell speech is a speech given by or to someone leaving a place in which the speaker discusses his experiences, memories, and the people associated with the place. The speech is filled with gratitude for the contribution made by the colleague.

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Long and Short Speech on Farewell for Students and Children in English

Below are two examples of farewell speeches, with a long one of 500-600 words and a short one of 200-300 words. These speeches can be referred to as needed to grace the occasion with their words. Read on to find more about Farewell Wishes for Colleague Samples.

Short Speech for Farewell 300 Words in English

Good evening everyone. Today is the day when one of our dearest colleagues is parting ways. Suresh, who had joined the company as an SEO manager three years back, will soon be bidding goodbye to all of us.

I had been fortunate to work with one of the finest employees in the company. He is known for his hardwork, dedication and quick results. His innovative and visionary ideas have borne fruitful results. Working under his guidance had always been a blessing.

The way he organizes and manages the work is beyond excellence. This is the reason why most of the difficult projects were assigned to him, because he could manage and deliver them in the best possible way.

The way he organizes and manages the work is beyond excellence. This is the reason why most of the difficult projects were assigned to him, because he could manage and deliver them in the best possible way.

I am fortunate that I got an opportunity to know such a wonderful soul, not just professionally, but also personally. Suresh, you will be really missed. On behalf of the entire team, I wish you a successful life. Keep in touch. Your contribution to the company will be appreciated forever.

Thank you.

Long Speech for Farewell 500 Words in English

Good evening everyone. We have all gathered here to bid adieu to our dearest colleague Suresh who had served as an SEO manager for more than 3 years in our firm.

Meeting and departing are the part and parcel of our lives. “Goodbyes” are difficult, but one needs to switch places to grow, learn, and explore new opportunities. I had known Suresh for more than two years. His tireless attitude towards work, his zest to learn new skills, communication, and presentation skills, and his command over techniques are commendable. Few of the many things I had learnt from him is to never give up in any situation. I had seen him work late nights just to get the task done.

Suresh as a manager was an excellent leader. The way he managed the entire team and got the chores done on time is appreciable. He had such healthy relations with his teammates that nobody bothered him for anything. He treated them as peers more than a boss and got their problems resolved in no time.

For those who do not know him personally, Suresh is a beautiful human being and is always on his toes when someone needs him. He is an amazing husband, a caring dad who always gets time out of his busy schedule to spend time with his kids, and a loving son. I had never seen him cribbing over small things. He is a contented man and believes in hard work. Such human beings are rarely found.

I am fortunate that our paths crossed and I got to know such a person with immense potential and qualities. I had learnt a lot many things from him that has been helping me not just professionally, but also in my personal life. Work-life balance is what one should learn from him. Such a person deserves the best.

He will surely be missed by each one of us. His contribution to the company is really appreciable. The innovative ideas and there wise implementation has shown a drastic increase in the numbers in his tenure. The company owes him a lot.

On behalf of our entire team, I hope you have a successful future, and wish to share the workplace once again with you. It was a great pleasure working with you. We will cherish the memories we created for three years. The mid-work breaks, the work planning over the coffee table, the team meetings, all will be deeply missed. We thank you for your presence in the company.

Thank you.

FAQ’s on Farewell Speech for Colleague

Question 1.

What is a farewell speech?


A farewell speech is a goodbye speech given to or by the person leaving a particular place.

Question 2.

How do you convey a farewell speech?


The speaker should organize the thoughts before he starts with the speech. Quote a few incidents or jokes to grab the attention of the audience and make it interesting.

Question 3.

What points should be kept in mind while conveying a farewell speech?


The following points should be taken into consideration while conveying a farewell speech:

    • The subject line should be made playful
  • Show how sad are you on the departure of the person
  • Mention a few jokes and incidents to make the speech interesting
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