Thank You Speech for Birthday

Birthday Thank You Speech for Students and Children in English

Thank You Speech for Birthday: Greeting everyone by saying thank you to those people who have been present on that particular person’s birthday or wished that person on their birthday, is a basic courtesy.

The person who greets everyone by saying thank you means that the person is very grateful to the people around them who have participated in that person’s happiness on that particular day.

Firstly, that person thanks everyone present for the birthday wishes received, then he greets the elders (parents or teachers) and then his fellow friends. Generally, children also thank everyone for the presents received on that very day.

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Long and Short Thank You Speeches for Birthday for Kids and Students in English

Here a long Birthday Thank You Speech 500 words and a short Thank You Birthday Speech in 150 words is provided for people who are searching for speeches related to these topics. Also ten lines on the same topic are going to be provided.

These speech on birthday and points are helpful to the students who are seeking to write or say a proper thank you speech to everyone for their My birthday Speech.

A Long Thank You Speech for Birthday is helpful to students of classes 7, 8, 9, 10. 11 and 12. A Short Thank You Speech for Birthday is helpful to students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Long Thank You Speech for Birthday 500 Words In English

Greetings everyone!

To everyone, people present here, my elders, my teachers, my fellow friends, my brothers and sisters, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. On this occasion of my birthday, people have gathered here today and making merry and wishing me for a good year ahead until my next birthday and wishing me with all the success that I deserve to achieve gives me immense joy and pleasure to have all of you around me and making me feel so special.

Those of you who could not come today to participate in my happiness but have sent me your wishes filled with love, care and attention, it’s a pity that you’ll were not around to share the joy but your good wishes have provided me with the warmth of your love which made me feel immensely special.

Thank you for the gifts which you have given me, the things which I have always yearned to have and have always coaxed my parents to buy them for me. All your gifts have showered me with your love and blessings. As you have been present on my happiest day, I promise to do the same for you’ll. I promise to be present onyour birthdays and participate in your happiness.

Each year, I am growing a bit and learning so many things that will help me in achieving everything in my life. Each year on this day you all celebrate all my achievements which I gain for your blessings.

Your blessings have always given me the strength to pass all the hurdles and led me towards my goal with all the required experiences. I blow the candles each year and desire to achieve something or complete something meaningful. Your blessings and encouragement has provided me with the ways of fulfilling it.

With all your wishes and blessings I came to know that you all are going to support me throughout my entire life. No matter what happens I have your constant support. Birthday parties are personally my favourite; I feel so special on that day. All of my favourite people assemble in my house that day, my friends, my relatives, etc.

For that one single day in the whole year, that day is only dedicated to me. On that day, I can do whatever I like, I can eat whatever I want without getting any scolding from my parents. On other days, I am not allowed to do whatever I like, but on my birthdays I can do that.

I feel so excited and happy when you’ll visit my house every year on my birthday. I wish I could extend my birthday from one day to one week so that you’ll stay with me and we could have all the fun till one week.

On that day it feels like one hour passes as one second. Time flies away so quickly on birthdays where we have so much to do within a single day. Still, you all manage to make my day. Thank you so much once again.

Short Thank You Speech for Birthday 150 Words In English

I greet all of you by saying thank you for making my birthday so special.

All of you present here have made my day very special for me today with all your wishes and your blessings which will hopefully help me to prosper in life. Thank you so much for filling this day with so much love.

My parents, my friends, my brothers and sisters and my well-wishing elders have filled me with so much gratitude. Thank you all for being such an important part of my life. It does not matter how many new people I meet in my upcoming time, you all will always be my favourite.

My birthday cannot be special with every one of you. You have made me realize my worth, you have always believed in me and my potentials and helped me grow. Today I seek your blessings to achieve all the happiness in my life.

10 Lines On Thank You Speech for Birthday In English

  1. My family should be greeted first with my thankfulness for making my birthday so special.
  2. My siblings or my close cousins deserve my thankfulness for filling this day with all the happiness and laughter.
  3. My friends visit me or send me wishes and make me feel special.
  4. My relatives for blessing me and showering me with love and affection.
  5. Thanking everyone for the gifts wrapped with love and care.
  6. Thanking the well-wishers who are constantly showering their love and blessings even if they are not present at the very moment.
  7. Thank the teachers for offering gifts of knowledge that help us achieve our goals and become a good human being.
  8. Be grateful for all the love offered by our near and dear ones.
  9. Thanking my parents for making today special.
  10. Thanking God for offering a beautiful life with loving and caring people.

FAQ’s On Thank You Speech for Birthday

Question 1.

Why should we thank everyone on birthday properly?


Thanking everyone and showing gratitude to those who have visited us on birthdays by leaving all their important work just to make us feel special is a courtesy. Our near and dear ones deserve this basic courtesy with a smile on our face to pay some respect to their efforts given to make us smile.

Question 2.

How to make someone’s birthday special?


Calling someone or sending someone’s birthday messages with pictures of the attached or simply visiting them will make their birthday special.

Question 3.

What gifts should be given to people on their birthdays?


Gifting something which they admire or if their preference is not known, then simply gift them chocolates or something of a similar kind or for their bigger satisfaction, a surprise birthday party could be planned.

Question 4.

How to remind oneself to wish someone for their birthday without forgetting?


Setting a reminder on your mobile phone for that particular day or making a note somewhere for their birthday is the best idea.

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