Speech on Unity is Strength

Speech on Unity is Strength in simple and easy words

Speech on Unity is Strength

We all know that Unity is Strength and without unity human civilization cannot grow. Living in unity is of utmost importance if we want to make progress and grow as a nation. It’s such an important subject matter that we often see students and popular public figures delivering a Speech on Unity is Strength or writing articles on it. So considering its relevance for the people, we have covered both short speech on Unity is Strength and long Speech on Unity is Strength which you can certainly use as a reference point or take help from. Our speeches are comprehensive, easy to understand yet impactful. Read through our speeches and select any speech of your choice.

Long and Short Speech on Unity is Strength in English

Speech on Unity is Strength 1

Good Morning to all my dear Students!

As I keep hearing stories of discord and clashes amongst the students of my class from other teachers, it becomes really embarrassing for me. Therefore, as your class teacher it becomes my responsibility to prevent you from doing so. The reason why I have taken this extra period of yours is to groom you on the practical front and teach you besides your school syllabus. Though initially I was very furious and thought to call the parents of each one of you and give everyone a tight thrashing, but later on I realized that these rising cases may be due to the negligence on my part and inability to devote enough time on you other than your studies.

So today I am here to deliver a speech on Unity is Strength. I am sure you all understand the importance of unity as you have become quite mature now. Don’t you? And, if you do then you should also understand that these fights and clashes are absolutely pointless as these only worsen the situation and spoil the beauty of any relationship. Thirdly, any outsider can take benefit from the fights and clashes taking place between two individuals. Haven’t you heard the story of an old farmer who had three sons?

It goes like this – there was an old farmer who was on the verge of death. He had three sons who used to quarrel a lot amongst themselves. One day he called all his sons and gave a stick to each one of them to break, every son managed to break the stick. Then, he gave a bundle of sticks to his eldest son and asked him to break it. He couldn’t do it and likewise the farmer gave the bundle to his remaining sons who also failed to break it.

Then he told his sons, ‘just like, anyone can easily break a single stick, it is also easy to destroy a single individual. So if you choose to live separately after my death, anyone would take advantage of your situation and harm you. But if you all choose to live together quite like this bundle of sticks, then none of your enemy will be able to harm you. After hearing this, all his sons promised to live together for the rest of their lives’. So the moral of the story is Unity is Strength.

This situation applies to you as well. If all my students will live in unity, then none would be able to point a finger on my class and take advantage of the situation. In fact, you all should live in harmony and if any situation of conflict arises try to resolve it peacefully. No fight can be big enough which cannot be resolved through discussions. Discussions prove really helpful because then you tend to find a solution to avoid such problems again and life becomes peaceful for everyone. Always remember that never become a laughing stock for others and always try to pacify the situation with non-violent means.

Now, I sincerely hope that each one of you would take my words seriously and try to implement it on your life as well.

Thank You!

Speech on Unity is Strength 2
Speech on Unity is Strength

Speech on Unity is Strength 2

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students – Good Morning to one and all!

I, —, student of Class-XI, have prepared a speech on “Unity is Strength”, which I would like to deliver today in front of you all. You must be wondering about the occasion behind this speech ceremony of today, but let me clear your doubts first. There is no occasion as such, but considering the increasing cases of violence and terrorism in our state and country at large, I had a great desire to address the subject called Unity is Strength and engage my fellow students in discussion. Moreover, we also come across many violent cases of dissension all around us and realizing that people these days are becoming really short-tempered and are losing out on ethical and moral values, it’s high time that we sit down and realize which direction we are heading towards.

Our country India is known to be a multicultural land where people from different religious, cultural and social background live in harmony. However, the irony of the situation is such that our very own country is replete with the rising incidents of communal violence, strife, terrorist activities, etc.

Every day in news we come across horrifying incidents of violent behavior, bloodbath where so many innocent people lose their lives. It’s high time we remind ourselves of the age-old maxim called Unity is Strength and stop unleashing violence on our motherland. After all, do we not know that “United we stand, divided we fall”?

Our country would never emerge as a stronger and developed nation unless its sad state of affairs get better and people understand that violence never solves any problem, but aggravates it. Besides, man is a social animal and cannot live in isolation. He/she would require the company of others to validate his/her existence. One man cannot do everything. He/she cannot handle multiple things at a time and so other work will have to be undertaken by him in support of others. For instance, if a teacher teaches students, then who would sow crops and feed people, who would stitch clothes, who would look after patients, who would protect our country’s borders, etc.

So it certainly calls for unity and team-work. It is not possible for a person to live without taking the help of other people. Hence, everyone must work in harmony and also give support as well as encouragement to each other. If people will continue to remain rigid and uncooperative, then the foundation of our society would crumble down and our nation will never be able to project itself as a strong nation at par with the powerful countries of the world. Unity is what gives power to each and every individual and helps in building a powerful nation; on the contrary situation of discord eats away a country’s well-being and makes it regressive.

Let’s sensitize ourselves on this serious issue and pledge to free our motherland from violent and barbaric acts of behavior.

Thank You!


Speech on Unity is Strength 3

Dear Society Members – Good Evening to all!

I warmly welcome you all to our society club house and extend thanks to everyone for organizing today’s event. Even though I have completed three years as a secretary of our Radhakrishna Society, it still feels that it all happened just a day before. I still have so much energy left in me to work more and more towards the development of our society and making it better with every passing day.

However, I cannot take the entire credit as all my society members have always been very much cooperative in all the affairs – whether it’s about organizing any function, timely deposit of society fund, meeting any situation of crisis, etc. I have always gained the support of everyone. These three years have been so eventful and easygoing that I can proudly say that out of all the societies in our neighborhood Radhakrishna Society is the best. Not because we have well-maintained our premises and organize various events year after year, but we have unity in our people and whenever a tested situation comes we all stand united as always. We have never given importance to disputes or conflicts over the unflinching relationship that we share with each other.

Therefore, considering today’s occasion I would like to deliver a speech on “Unity is Strength”. This proverb is quite self-explanatory, which means staying together is a source of strength. The proverb is of course universal and can be applied to any family, community or country at large. It implies that we are stronger if we remain united and can overcome any difficult situation.

The principle of unity harbors happiness and peace in both society and the nation as well as also teaches the lesson of forgiveness. In fact, this very term called ‘Unity’ best defines our society because we too live with oneness and harmony. Of course, there have been times when frictions arose in between us, but we managed to overcome such situations through discussions and willingness to understand each other’s perspective.

This age-old maxim goes back to the times when even civilization wasn’t born. Initially, man lived in isolation as savages. Gradually, families were formed and they realized the importance of living together and started forming societies and communities. However, the law of “Unity is Strength” requires every individual to live with oneness and unity and also having the sincerity to stand up for each other as and when the need arises. The situation of chaos arises if any person refuses to acknowledge or give respect to other person’s individuality. For instance, if in a family, any one member turns rebellious, it spoils the whole environment within that house. Similarly, in a society or nation, if any group of people turns hostile, then the downfall of that society cannot be prevented.

Tolerance, feeling of sacrifice, love, compassion, affection, humility, pity are the pillars of a society and if any pillar shakes then the entire foundation of a society shakes. So it becomes the responsibility of each and every individual living in that society to not let these pillars shake and ensure happiness as well as peace everywhere. So let’s applaud ourselves first of having the ability to knit our society well and never let it go astray and then take a vow to continue harboring the feeling of love and oneness in our surroundings and set an example for others.

Thank You!


Speech on Unity is Strength 4

Good Evening Friends – A warm welcome to everybody at my house party!

I am extremely happy at this moment and cannot hide my happiness as we all are meeting after a very long time. Even though we always remain in touch over the phone and catch up with each other in a scattered form, but not as an entire group. Hence, today I am so glad that we get to meet each other as a group under one roof after many-many years.

Our friendship has always been very special and our group used to be the object of envy not only for our classmates, but for the entire college too. Despite the fact that there were other big groups, but it’s only our group of seven people that always used to attract maximum number of eyeballs. Am I not right guys? During our college days, the way we loved each other, we also fought with each other with equal intensity, but never drew apart. We continued to remain united even at the worse possible scenario and this is the only reason why we are still together after having finished our college long five years back.

You must be wondering why am I giving a speech on togetherness! We may not realize this, but let me tell you friends that it’s one of the biggest strengths of any relationship. We all know that “Unity is Strength” and any civilization can face a steep decline if its people do not stand united. Hence, we should realize the major strength of our relationship and from where it draws its source of life, i.e. Unity or our willingness to remain together under any compelling circumstances, so that we can cherish it for our lifetime.

In fact, after having gained enough exposure of the corporate sector or the outside world for that matter, I have come to value our friendship even more and if we could become an example for others and spread the message of unity and oneness across, then the world would become a haven in itself. No matter where we go, if we have this quality in ourselves to remain united with our family and loved ones, we should then always try to implant this quality in the humanity at large.

After witnessing the rising incidents of violence, murder, road rage, etc; my consciousness has been shaken to the core. Other than these horrifying incidents, on a day to day basis, I find people overtly manipulative, shrewd and hypocritical, who can harm the other person for their selfish motives. It is so unfortunate that our country which used to be an ideal epitome of “Unity in Diversity” is experiencing nerve wrecking cases of blood bath and man slaughter. It’s high time that we teach ourselves the value of compassion, love, humility and tolerance and understand that conflict or wars only destroys and never mends things.

It’s only by remaining united that we can understand its importance and prevent our society from falling into a deep abyss from which there will be no escape. I hope our friendship just grows stronger and stronger with time and we also continue to spread the message of unity and togetherness.

Thank You!


Speech on Unity is Strength 5

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen! I really appreciate your presence and also feel honored to given a chance to speak on the social awareness issue of “Unity is Strength”. We all must have heard this proverb, whether at schools, colleges or while reading a book or even during general debates. I remember few kindergarten stories told by my teachers based on this proverb. Kindly allow me to have the pleasure of speaking with you all about the same, reiterating the meaning of the phrase- “Unity is Strength” and its value in different aspects of life.

The simplest explanation of the proverb- “Unity is strength” is- staying together provides strength. It relates to family, friendship, marriage, communities or even a nation. A family that stays united is able to fight back against adversities and regain peace and harmony. Not only families, but even communities those stay together and united are better able to fight back against external threats; protecting their freedom and dignity.

The same goes on for even nations. A nation, whose people are united; is progressive and able to resist external invasions or even internal threats. ‘India’ would be a good example to state in this regard. India shares its border with seven neighboring countries, and has successfully fought back excursion attempts from time to time. It has been possible only because the people of India stayed united and still remain united, despite their demographic differences of caste creed and religion.

History has taught us that we had lost bitterly to our opponents, whenever we compromised on our unity. Invasions of Mughal from Middle East Asia and also the British East India Company were only made possible through our internal strife or conflicts. Had we remained united, we wouldn’t have faced centuries of oppressions and barbarism.

But, we quickly learned the lesson and fought together against the oppressors, sending them back and successfully regaining our freedom and sovereignty. Since then we have stayed united and therefore we also have stayed free.

Looking around us, we will come across many other beautiful examples those prove that there is strength in unity. To state few- a single stick is easier to break than a bunch, a rope that could sustains your own weight is made up of very thin strands of fiber, braided together. Alone these fibers wouldn’t even sustain a little pebble’s weight.

Even the animals understand the importance of unity and that unity manifests strength. Buffalos often organize themselves like a band of soldiers to protect their young ones or one of their own, from predators. Somehow they have the wisdom to understand the power of unity.

A lone grasshopper is not powerful at all. But when they gather in huge numbers, they become formidable! Somehow, they too understand the wisdom of unity and the strength that it provides.

There are many creatures like bees, ants, wasps etc those portray the essentiality of unity for the survival of a species. I don’t want to make the speech boring for you; therefore, I will stop stating examples and turn to conclude my speech.

But, before I conclude I request you all to stay united; wherever you are, in whatever community, in your office or family- just stay together. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a political leader uniting people from different religions, cultures etc. No! Even if you are the guy next door, you can do that in your own capacity, by staying together with your family and friends in ups and downs of life.

With this I conclude my speech on “Unity is Strength” with the hope that I was able to ignite the passion for unity in the hearts of you all; making you stronger.

You all have been such a wonderful audience! Thank You!

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