Short Speech on Responsibility

Good morning, everyone! Today I would like to give a speech on responsibility and hope that all the teachers and students sitting in the audience will get to learn something from it. Responsibility means a duty or obligation to complete a task, which can be either assigned by someone or even may have been created out of our own commitments and circumstances. Every responsibility must be taken seriously and, my dear friends, we should put our best efforts to bring the task to completion.

The sense of responsibility should be inculcated since the teenage years, as it is the best time to learn good habits and principles. Although there is no age to learn something new, it is again the responsibility of teachers and parents to make sure that the children learn from them to be responsible from the beginning.

Dear audience, please note that the responsibility of an individual may change with situation and time. The quantum of responsibility usually increases with age. A student is responsible for his academics and co-curricular activities, to help his parents at home, to set a good example for his younger siblings or juniors at school, to be responsible towards the society and nation and being a responsible citizen. Similarly, a teacher is responsible for leading the students towards the path of righteousness, to help them learn the values of life as well as the concerned subject. On the personal front, the teacher has to deal with his responsibilities towards his own family, the society and finally, towards the nation.

Now, some of you may be wondering, what will happen if we do not fulfill those responsibilities, will there be any penalty for not doing so? Dear friends, in that case, you may lose the purpose of living and life may seem to be without any goals and challenges. It is because, to fulfill one’s responsibility, you may encounter some adverse situations and while dealing with those tough times, you are actually learning important lessons and outcomes of those challenging fights will definitely help you further.

Finally, I would like to conclude my speech by thanking all of you for such a patient hearing.

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