Positive Words that Start With D | List of 80 Positive Words Starting With D Pictures and Facts

Positive Words that Start With D in English: For our daily use, a wide variety of words are included in the English language, that can be used in various scenarios. But remembering all these words is impossible. Hence, we have developed a concise and effective list of positive words in alphabetical order. In this article, you can find Positive words that start With D to describe person/someone and also funny, strong, and romantic positive words that start with D.

Get inspired in life with these powerful Positive Words list available and use them in your everyday conversations, emails, cover letters, etc.

List of Positive Words Begins With Letter D

Names of Positive Words Whose Name Starts With D

List of Positive Words With Letter D At The Start

  1. Dainty
  2. Dance
  3. Dandy
  4. Daring
  5. Dashing
  6. Daughterly
  7. Daydream
  8. Dazzle
  9. Dear
  10. Dearly
  11. Decent
  12. Decision
  13. Decisive
  14. Decoration
  15. Decorative
  16. Deduce
  17. Dedication
  18. Deep
  19. Defend
  20. Defendable
  21. Defensible
  22. Definable
  23. Definite
  24. Delectable
  25. Deliberate
  26. Deliberately
  27. Delicacy
  28. Delicate
  29. Delicious
  30. Delight
  31. Delighted
  32. Delightful
  33. Demonstrative
  34. Depend
  35. Dependable
  36. Describe
  37. Description
  38. Deserving
  39. Designer
  40. Desirable
  41. Dessert
  42. Destined
  43. Detailed
  44. Determined
  45. Develop
  46. Devoted
  47. Devotedly
  48. Diagnose
  49. Dignified
  50. Diligent
  51. Diplomat
  52. Diplomatic
  53. Direct
  54. Disarming
  55. Discipline
  56. Disciplined
  57. Disclosure
  58. Discover
  59. Discrete
  60. Discriminating
  61. Dismantle
  62. Dispatch
  63. Distinct
  64. Distracting
  65. Diverse
  66. Divine
  67. Dizzying
  68. Doable
  69. Domestic
  70. Dominant
  71. Donation
  72. Doting
  73. Dream
  74. Dreamy
  75. Dressy
  76. Drive
  77. Driven
  78. Durable
  79. Dutiful
  80. Dynamic

Meaning and Example On The Positive Words On The List


Meaning: Describing something that appears small, petite, delicate, and pretty.

Example: I love wearing dainty jewelry.


Meaning: Describing the rhythmic movement of a person’s body with the use of steps.

Example: Don’t be shy; come out and dance.


Meaning: Describing someone who is always concerned about their looks even in unduly situations.

Example: She won the dandy game with a high score.


Meaning: Describing someone bold, adventurous, and curious to try things.

Example: I must say she’s a daring girl.


Meaning: Describing someone very attractive and full of confidence.

Example: He looked dashing in the new tweed jacket.


Meaning: Describing someone who feels like a daughter.

Example: She has a daughterly vibe to her behavior.


Meaning: Describing the behavior of having unreal thoughts that distract a person’s attention from the present.

Example: Do not stay in my class if all you do is a daydream.


Meaning: Describing something that has a shine or iridescent glimmer to it.

Example: Add a couple of rhinestones to make the shirt dazzle.

Positive Words that Start With D 1


Meaning: Describing someone or something extraordinarily close and valuable to someone.

Example: That book is very dear to me.


Meaning: The adverb form of dear. It means to hold something close as precious.

Example: I will treasure this scarf dearly.


Meaning: The adverb form of decent. It means a way that appears generally accepted and respected.

Example: Would you mind dressing decently for your school children’s day?


Meaning: Describing the action of deciding on something or coming to a conclusion about something.

Example: What I am about to say is ultimately my decision.


Meaning: Describing the action of settling an ongoing issue or solving a problem to reach a positive conclusion.

Example: This book is about a long and decisive battle.


Meaning: Describing the ornaments used to decorate a place where an event is about to take place.

Example: I am running to the market to buy a bunch of Christmas decoration.


Meaning: Describing the action of making changes or adding ornaments to make something look better.

Example: This vase looks very decorative in this corner.


Meaning: Describing the action of concluding by thoroughly going through the provided facts.

Example: What I deduce from this is a planned kidnapping.

Positive Words that Start With D 2


Meaning: Describing the behavior of commitment and admiration for something or someone.

Example: It is time they reward me for my dedication.


Meaning: Describing something that extends a considerable length below the current position.

Example: Be careful; there is a deep crack on the road ahead.


Meaning: Describing the action of serving someone as a sense of moral responsibility.

Example: It is my duty to defend my friends if they get blamed for something they didn’t do.


Meaning: Describing someone capable of doing something in their ability.

Example: No evidence makes her defendable.


Meaning: Describing something or someone who can be proven right by moral argument.

Example: Houses built on sand are defensible.


Meaning: Describing something that one can define thoroughly.

Example: This computer program has definable solutions.


Meaning: Describing something distinct of its kind that is true and unambiguous.

Example: I can’t really tell you the definite answer.


Meaning: Describing something that is tasteful and delicious.

Example: To prepare light and delectable drinks, try using fresh mint.


Meaning: Describing the action of doing something intensionally and consciously for a cause.

Example: This was her deliberate attempt to get the answer correct.


Meaning: The adverb form of deliberate. It means to do something on purpose.

Example: She deliberately put more salt to spoil the food.


Meaning: Describing something that is recognized for its refined taste or texture.

Example: I will prepare a Mexican delicacy when you come.


Meaning: Describing someone or something that is fragile and prone to breakage or damages.

Example: Would you please handle this plant with delicate hands?


Meaning: Describing something that has exceptionally good taste.

Example: The food you made on Saturday was delicious.


Meaning: Describing the feeling of great pleasure and joy.

Example: Going on a road trip to the hills is such a delight.


Meaning: Describing the feeling of extreme pleasure or thrill.

Example: I am delighted with the taste of this dessert.


Meaning: The adjective form of delight. It is the feeling of great joy causing euphoria.

Example: Thank you for this delightful afternoon.


Meaning: Describing something or someone unrestrained. It can also mean someone with open feelings.

Example: Have you learner about demonstrative adjectives?

Mr. Smith is a very demonstrative man.


Meaning: Describing the behavior of trusting someone or something else.

Example: Do not worry; you can depend on me.


Meaning: Describing someone or something on which someone can depend or trust without worries.

Example: He is a dependable classmate.


Meaning: Describing the action of defining something or drawing a detailed account of something in words.

Example: Describe yourself in a sentence vividly.


Meaning: The noun form of describe. It means the detailed picture or analysis of something or someone in words.

Example: Do not forget to add a brief description.


Meaning: Describing someone worthy of being tread in a certain way.

Example: I must confess, he is a deserving student.


Meaning: Describing the person who designs something for market value.

Example: The designer for this event is world-famous.


Meaning: Describing something or someone who is sensible and valuable or wished for.

Example: That is unquestionably a desirable option.


Meaning: Describing a sweet dish eaten at the end of any meal.

Example: Try this new dessert recipe I made.


Meaning: Describing something that is decided by fate or according to a pre-existing plan.

Example: Are we destined to be together?


Meaning: Describing something that has a variety of details.

Example: You should include a detailed analysis of this topic.


Meaning: Describing the quality of having a resolution or being resolute to do something.

Example: If you are determined, you will win easy


Meaning: Describing the action of growing something from its roots or starting to exist.

Example: Please develop your internet skills.


Meaning: Describing the action of being extremely loyal and committed to a person or a cause.

Example: He is his most devoted believer.


Meaning: The adverb form of the word devoted. It means displaying a solid commitment to something or someone.

Example: He does his job very devotedly every day.


Meaning: Describing the action of identifying something’s origin (especially a medical condition). It can also mean an outcome.

Example: With what do you think they will diagnose me?

What did you diagnose today on the current topic?


Meaning: Describing the behavior of display of a high position or respect.

Example: He is a dignified warrior of the Kshatriya clan.


Meaning: Describing the behaviour of conscientiousness in someone’s work.

Example: She has always been a polite and diligent student.


Meaning: Describing someone who is legally appointed at a high position due to their extraordinary performance.

Example: It is interesting to work with a diplomat.


Meaning: Someone concerning diplomacy and owns a respectable position.

Example: Your answer sounds diplomatic.


Meaning: Describing the action of being straightforward to someone. It can also mean indicating a specific direction.

Example: You do not be afraid to be direct about what you need.

We could get out of the forest with the help of the signs that direct the correct path.


Meaning: Describing the feeling of being unarmed due to someone’s or something’s unique charm.

Example: The blind man’s disarming smile made everyone’s day.


Meaning: Describing the practice of training people to obey rules and regulations and regulating their behavior.

Example: Maintain your discipline when we reach the event.


Meaning: Describing someone who follows the rules and behaves in the correct manner.

Example: Do not be ill-mannered, be disciplined.


Meaning: Describing the act of revealing something secret.

Example: It is essential to add the disclosure to the email.


Meaning: Describing the action of accidentally finding something.

Example: It is time to go on my own and discover the best.


Meaning: Describing something that is priced or possesses distinct parts.

Example: That is a very unthinkable and discrete spot.


Meaning: Describing the action of making unjustified differences.

Example: Do not be a discriminating human.


Meaning: Describing the action of tearing something down to bits or pieces.

Example: Do not dismantle my closet drawer.


Meaning: Describing the action of sending something or someone out for a specific purpose to a particular destination.

Example: The shop will dispatch all the items as soon as you pay.


Meaning: Describing something or someone that is different from all the other of its kind and possessed unique characteristics.

Example: This lime has a very distinct flavor.


Meaning: Describing the feeling of being unable to concentrate on something due to diverted attention.

Example: This sound is distracting me from work.


Meaning: Describing the wide variety or range of any particular content.

Example: It is good to have diverse opinions.


Meaning: Describing something that is godlike or delightful and highly pleasing.

Example: Use your divine power wisely.


Meaning: Describing something that causes dizziness or unsteady vision.

Example: That rollercoaster ride was dizzying.


Meaning: Describing something that can be completed or achieved by oneself.

Example: This project is doable and exciting.


Meaning: Describing something or someone within the boundaries of one’s home or family.

Example: Will you go by train or on a domestic flight?


Meaning: Describing the action of being powerful and commanding on others.

Example: He has a very mysterious and dominant role in the novel.


Meaning: Describing the action of giving a certain amount of money (for a good or charitable cause).

Example: Put your change in the donation box.


Meaning: Describing the feeling of extreme fondness or adoration for someone.

Example: He was seen by our school students, doting publicly on my sister.


Meaning: Describing visual imagery, thoughts, or sensations in one’s mind during sleep. It can also mean one’s aims and aspirations.

Example: I had a sad and terrible dream where a black bear killed me.

My dream is to save the people however I can.


Meaning: Describing the feeling of pleasure from a vague image of something or someone.

Example: This verse of the song sounds dreamy and beautiful.


Meaning: Describing a stylish, elaborate, or classy type of attire.

Example: She has always been stylish and dressy.


Meaning: Describing the action of controlling or managing any motor vehicle. It can also mean the urge to satisfy a particular need.

Example: How long does it take you to drive to the park?

I took up photography to satisfy my drive for it.


Meaning: Describing the action of something that has been controlled or initiated by something or someone.

Example: Have you ever driven this car before?


Meaning: Describing something strong and able to withstand great force.

Example: The pain is durable, and I don’t need a painkiller.


Meaning: Describing someone who has the motivation and is responsible for carrying out any task.

Example: It is your responsibility to provide your dutiful service.


Meaning: Describing something that is not constant and undergoes changes.

Example: The societies in our world are dynamic.

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