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Positive Words that Start With H: While we speak or write, the limitation of our expression gets defined by the range of words we know. Our vocabulary plays a vital role in the way we use our speech every day. We need to widen our vocabulary to find the right words to express ourselves. In this article you can find positive words that start with h to describe a person/someone and also strong, descriptive and good positive words that start with letter h in english.

Get inspired in life with these powerful Positive Words list available and use them in your everyday conversations, emails, cover letters, etc.

In the English language, there is a varied and vast range of words. But how much of them do we know? Hence, today let us look at the list of positive words that start with H. List of Positive words that begin with letter H

Name Of Positive Words Whose Name Starts With H

List Of Positive Words With Letter H At The Start

Meaning And Example Of Positive Words On The List


Meaning: A place good enough to live in, with no discomfort.

Example: The cabinet should be habitable by Christmas


Meaning: Something Sacred or Admirable.

Example: The prince would be granted the hallowed script.


Meaning: Good looking (masculine)

Example: He was regarded as Handsome by all his peers.


Meaning: something which is practical or convenient to use.

Example: I always keep a pocket dictionary handy.


Meaning: a feeling of pleasure or contentment.

Example: She came in being incredibly happy.


Meaning: working with commitment and diligence.

Example: He was a hardworking person when it came to studies.


Meaning: Someone or something capable of surviving tricky situations.

Example: Purple Saxifrage is both a beautiful and hardy plant.


Meaning: Something or someone not capable of causing harm.

Example: He acted tough, but he is harmless.


Meaning: relating to music, pleasing to the ear.

Example: She sang with perfect harmony, which impressed everyone


Meaning: A tuneful music.

Example: The harmonious music echoed throughout the library.


Meaning: belonging from heavens.

Example: The child’s beauty was heavenly.


Meaning: ready to help.

Example: Making detailed plans is always helpful.

Positive Words that Start With H 1


Meaning: Courageous and determined activity.

Example: Jake was praised by all for his heroic ways to save the kids stuck in the cave.


Meaning: in a good physical condition or a good mental state.

Example: Jane was sick before, but now she is Healthy


Meaning: cheerful and loud

Example: There is a tendency for the main character to be always hearty


Meaning: extremely amusing

Example: It has hilarious how Mary fell and started laughing.


Meaning: connecting to history or past events.

Example: Historical movies are among my favorites


Meaning: deserving honor

Example: He would take nothing except the course he thought to be honorable.


Meaning: a feeling of optimism about the future

Example: He stayed hopeful throughout


Meaning: welcoming and friendly.

Example: The hotel staff was hospitable.


Meaning: having an elevated temperature.

Example: The noodles are still hot.


Meaning: comfortable and cozy (of a place),

Example: The café had a homey atmosphere.


Meaning: truthful and sincere.

Example: I had always been honest with you.


Meaning: Something or someone who is comfortable to embrace.

Example: Giant Pandas are huggable


Meaning: related to humankind.

Example: It is only human to feel down.


Meaning: showing compassion.

Example: action is taken for humane treatment towards refugees.


Meaning: being modest.

Example: I felt humble when I met him.


Meaning: amusing or funny

Example: Yuki makes her writing humorous.


Meaning: maintaining health and preventing diseases.

Example: It is good to be clean and hygienic.


Meaning: To take place or occur

Example: The concert is yet to happen.


Meaning: to listen or pay close attention to

Example: Hark! I hear footsteps.


Meaning: to become healthy again.

Example: The wound in my left arm took a week to heal.


Meaning: a collection of something

Example: The heap of clothes lays where they were lying.


Meaning: make it easier for someone.

Example: Good friends always help you with the right thing.


Meaning: a feeling of desire for something to happen.

Example: I hope you get well soon.


Meaning: hold or squeeze some in one’s arms as an act of affection

Example: I often hug my mom from behind.


Meaning: The period where the gathering of the crops occurs.

Example: the farmers always work extra hours during the harvest.


Meaning: In living organisms, the muscular organ that pumps blood through the circulatory system, or the innermost part of something

Example: We live till our heartbeats.


Meaning: an individual possession, something inherited.

Example: The gang swindled their Heritage.


Meaning: a brave and determined person.

Example: For the students, their teacher was the Hero.


Meaning: A slight or indirect suggestion or indication

Example: The air had a hint of a storm in it.


Meaning: the activity someone likes to do in their free time, to have fun

Example: Adventure sports is her hobby


Meaning: The place where one lives permanently

Example: There is nothing like home.


Meaning: high respect, knowing what is morally right

Example: it was an honor to meet the queen in person.


Meaning: Extravagant publicity or promotion

Example: His first album was a part of the Hype.

Positive Words that Start With H 2

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