Scrabble Word Finder | Common Words to Boost your Scrabble Scores

Scrabble Word Finder designed here will assist players of Scrabble. Get to know the top scoring words in your game using this amazing Scrabble Word Finder Cheat. If you are stuck with words in your Word Game Scrabble you can always look up our site to access the handy Word Finder with Letters for Scrabble.

Go through this entire article to be well versed with details like What exactly is scrabble game is, How to play the Word Game Scrabble, and Tips & Strategies to keep in mind while playing this game.

What is Scrabble?

Scrabble is a classic board game that many generations enjoy. The rules employed in this game are pretty simple. each set will have a 15*15 tile board along with 100 pieces of letter tiles containing vowels and consonants. The game needs a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 players. Each player gets 7 letters combined for every single round. Using these tiles players can frame new words on the board downwards or sidewards as per your choice.

Scrabble Word Finder

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Words List by Length

How to Use the Scrabble Word Finder?

We have listed some tips on how to use the Scrabble Word Finder are mentioned below. They are along the lines

  • Enter the letters in the allotted input section of the Scrabble Word Solver
  • Then type in the constraints like start with, end with, contains, or length based to filter your search.
  • Also, select from the drop-down regarding the respective dictionary and then click on the search button.
  • That’s it you will get the sorted words list depending on your search.

Features of Scrabble Word Solver

Key highlights of the Scrabble Word Finder are given for your reference. They are as under

  • The word solver will generate high-scoring words with the combination of letters that the game dictionary accepts.
  • The search box accepts up to 15 letters and 2 tiles.
  • You can use the advanced section to narrow your search as per the specified pattern and place them in the board game.
  • You can access the Scrabble Word Finder for free unlimited times and win your word games.

Tips & Tricks to Win Scrabble

Win your next game easily by employing these powerful tips. Master the game like a pro by following these hacks

  • Try to make a bingo so that you will end up getting 50 points on finishing seven unplayed letters at once.
  • Add a single letter to an already formed word and create a new one all over.
  • Try to play with 2 letter and 3 letter words in the end as they can be highly scoring. Also, keep a track of the placement as it is an important factor in playing the Scrabble.
  •  Check for the words where prefixes and suffixes can be added to create extra words.
  • Target the multipliers in order to score big. Try to cover as many special squares as possible.

Scoring System of Scrabble Game

Each letter has a corresponding point value and the score depends on how rare and difficult the letter is to frame a word. Common Letters such as A, E, or I tend to have lower values compared to letters like Q and Z. You can use the blank tiles to denote any letter. However, the blank tiles don’t have any point value.

Points of letters are as follows

  • 1 Point: A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T & U
  • 2 Points: D & G
  • 3 Points: B, C, M & P
  • 4 Points: F, H, V, W & Y
  • 5 Points: K
  • 8 Points: J & X
  • 10 Points: Q & Z, the most difficult letter tiles

Score multipliers also exist and when a tile is laid on these squares value either doubles or triples. The game ends when there exist no more tiles in the bag and one of the players placed their tiles on the board.

FAQs on Online Scrabble Solver

1. Can I cheat online in Scrabble?

Yes, you cheat online in Scrabble and it is as simple as opening another window and browsing the web for

2. What is the best Scrabble Word Finder App? has got powerful Scrabble Word Solver that generates all words as per the combination of letters you specify.

3. Which is the hardest word to get in Game of Scrabble?

OXYPHENBUTAZONE is the hardest word in the Scrabble Game.

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