Positive Words That Start With P | List of Positive Words Starting With P Meaning, Examples, Pictures and Facts

Positive Words That Start With P: Despite the fact that the English language has a large number of words that we may use, it is difficult to remember them all. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of positive words starting with P that are listed in alphabetical order. Many terms in the English language might be difficult to keep in mind all of the time.

The English language encompasses a large and diverse region with a plethora of variants. Not only will these words help you in having better conversations, but they also make them more positive and effective. In this article, you can find Positive Words That Start With P to describe a person or someone in English and Positive descriptive, action, and adjective words that start with P.

Get inspired in life with these powerful Positive Words lists available and use them in your everyday conversations, emails, cover letters, etc.

We have also listed the meaning and use of these words, which will help in having a better understanding of them.

List Of Positive Words Begins With The Letter P

Name Of Positive Words Whose Name Starts With P

List Of Positive Words With Letter P At The Start

Meaning And Example On The Positive Words On The List.


Meaning: A person who adheres to pacifism or is opposed to all forms of violence.

Example: She had spent her entire life as a devout pacifist.


Meaning: Without generating any discomfort, causing minimal or no pain.

Example: It is a painless treatment.


Meaning: A close, personal buddy; a comrade.

Example: He is a nice pal of mine.


Meaning: Savoury, pleasant, or agreeable to the mind or affections; acceptable or agreeable to the palate or taste.

Example: The idea is quite palatable.


Meaning: Extreme or excessive indulgence, compassion, or care are used to treat or gratify.

Example: To pamper a kid.


Meaning: An idyllic or ideal place.

Example: The countryside surrounding the hotel is a walker’s paradise.

Positive Words That Start With P 2


Meaning: A pattern or model of excellence in general or in a specific area.

Example: A paragon of heroism.


Meaning: In terms of importance or impact, the top dog; paramount; superlative.

Example: A circumstance of paramount significance.


Meaning: The father or mother of a person.

Example: The parents of the groom.


Meaning: Appropriate for or resembling a parent.

Example: Parental perceptions.


Meaning: Special rather than general, exceptional, or especial; of or relating to a single or unique thing, group, class, occasion, person, etc., rather than others or all;

Example: One’s particular interest in novels.


Meaning: Emotions that are strong and difficult to control.

Example: A human can hold an impetuous passion.


Meaning: Of or relating to a father.

Example: She reasserted her paternal authority.


Meaning: The quality of tolerating provocation, displeasure, misfortune, or pain without complaining, losing one’s temper, becoming irritated, or the like is known as patience.

Example: To be patience with someone who is a slow learner.


Meaning: A person who is passionately committed to their country and is ready to protect it against opponents or critics.

Example: He was a true patriot in every sense of the word.


Meaning: A person who contributes financially, through gifts, efforts, or endorsement, to the work of a writer, artist, museum, cause, charity, special event, institution, or another similar endeavour.

Example: A patron of the culture.


Meaning: It is the natural, unblemished condition of a nation, a set of nations, or the entire planet; it is a state of mutual unanimity between groups of people, particularly in personal relationships.

Example: Make an effort to coexist in peace with your neighbours.


Meaning: Peaceful; devoid of war, strife, tumult, violence, or disorder; characterised by tranquilly.

Example: A reign of peacefulness.


Meaning: A peacekeeper or mediator is a person who helps to maintain or restore peace and harmony.

Example: Father was the peacekeeper in our join family.

Positive Words That Start With P 1


Meaning: Possessing and/or demonstrating acuteness of insight, comprehension, or intuition.

Example: A perceptive examination of the issues at hand is required.


Meaning: Conforming to the definition or description of an ideal kind to the greatest extent possible.

Example: The guy was a perfect gentleman.


Meaning: Existing in perpetuity; existing forever, especially without major change; meant to function or exist for a long, infinite amount of time without consideration to unanticipated circumstances; everlasting.

Example: A permanent spokesperson.


Meaning: Perseverance in the course of action, a goal, a state of affairs, or any other endeavour, especially in the face of obstacles, discouragement or difficulties.

Example: Her perseverance made her win the competition.


Meaning: Constantly enduring, especially in the face of adversity, hurdles, discouragement, and so on; tenaciousness.

Example: A highly persistent young woman.


Meaning: Exhibiting a pleasing appearance and demeanour

Example: She was quite personable and well-spoken.


Meaning: It is the apparent part of one’s character that makes an impression on others; a person is the embodiment of a collection of characteristics.

Example: She has a charming personality.


Meaning: A particular attitude toward or method of looking at something; a point of view on the matter.

Example: The majority of guidebook history is written from the perspective of the editor.


Meaning: Relevant is pertaining to or relating significantly and directly to the subject matter at hand.

Example: Pertinent features.


Meaning: Highly prodigious or extraordinary; exceptional.

Example: Phenomenal acceleration.


Meaning: Having to do with, relating to, engaging in, or characterised by philanthropy; charitable.

Example: A philanthropic establishment.


Meaning: A person who expresses opinions or theories on important issues in the domains of metaphysics, logic, ethics, and other closely connected fields.

Example: Aristotle was a renowned philosopher.


Meaning: When something is visually appealing or quaint, it is appropriate for use in a painting.

Example: A picturesque trawling community.


Meaning: The peak or culmination of anything, such as prosperity, power, or notoriety.

Example: Rehman is at the pinnacle of his career.


Meaning: In any field of investigation, enterprise, or progress, among the first or one who is first is known as an innovator.

Example: Pioneers in thermonuclear research.


Meaning: Of critical or vital importance.

Example: A pivotal contest.


Meaning: Frolicsome, pleasantly hilarious, or jesting; frolicsome; full of play or good humour

Example: The person left a playful remark.


Meaning: Agreeable, enjoyable or pleasing; giving pleasure.

Example: Pleasant report.


Meaning: Enjoyment obtained from something that one finds pleasing; pleasure, delight, frivolous or worldly enjoyment, the condition or sensation of being pleased

Example: The chase of pleasure.


Meaning: Complete; entire; full; unqualified; absolute.

Example: Plenary capabilities.


Meaning: Surviving in numerous plenty.

Example: Coal was plentiful, and therefore affordable, in that neighbourhood.


Meaning: Possessing the characteristics or allure of poetry.

Example: Poetic representations of creation.


Meaning: A dignified, self-assured bearing or demeanour; composure; self-possession are all examples of self-possession.

Example: To show poise in the partnership.


Meaning: Skillful; excellent; flawless.

Example: The man was a polished conversationalist.


Meaning: Being courteous to others, as in behaviour, speech, and so on; being civil, refined, or cultured are all examples of good manners.

Example: Polite community.


Meaning: Favored, approved, or affectionately regarded by an acquaintance or by a group of acquaintances; considered favourably, approved, or affectionately regarded by the general public

Example: A popular minister.


Meaning: Sumptuously appointed or furnished; luxurious.

Example: A posh residence.


Meaning: That may or may not be, exist, happen, be done, be used, and so on; that may or may not be true; that may or may not be the case; as anything about which one has no information to the contrary; and so forth

Example: It is possible that she has already departed.


Meaning: Mighty; Powerful.

Example: A potent combat strength.


Meaning: Ability to do or act; the ability to perform or accomplish something; national or political strength.

Example: The excess of power in America.


Meaning: As a human, one should be physically powerful and capable of exerting significant strength or force.

Example: A generous, powerful champion.


Meaning: Possibility of doing something, getting something done, or putting something into action given the available resources; doable.

Example: A practicable clarification.


Meaning: Of or relating to action or practice.

Example: Practical calculation.


Meaning: Practical factors take precedence over theoretical ones when it comes to dealing with things in a sensible and realistic manner.

Example: A pragmatic strategy to governments.


Meaning: Express warm appreciation or affection for someone or something.

Example: Chris’s performance was something that should be praised, and we cannot express our gratitude enough.


Meaning: Honorable; deserving of commendation; admirable.

Example: A praiseworthy purpose.


Meaning: Dear; cherished because of some nonmaterial, moral trait or spiritual that is highly regarded; cherished

Example: A precious baby.


Meaning: Prominent; preponderant.

Example: His anger has become a predominant trait.


Meaning: More suitable or desirable.

Example: Lower rates of interest were always preferable to higher ones.


Meaning: Of greater value or exceptional quality than others of its kind; superior.

Example: A wine manufactured of premium type of grapes.


Meaning: Company or attendance.

Example: Ram’s presence is demanded at tomorrows event.


Meaning: Being, occurring or existing at the present time or in the present situation; current.

Example: Progressing respect for the present ruler of the miniature country.


Meaning: Distinction or reputation attached to a person or object, resulting in the person or thing having cachet in the eyes of others or the general public

Example: The new discothèque enjoys a high level of prestige among the jet set.


Meaning: Attractive or pleasing to the eye, as by gracefulness or delicacy.

Example: She possesses a pretty face.


Meaning: Having a monetary value that exceeds all other considerations; being invaluable, deliciously entertaining, or ludicrous.

Example: A priceless piece of art.


Meaning: A high or excessive opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether held in mind or manifested in one’s appearance, behaviour, or other physical characteristics.

Example: He has a lot of pride in his work.


Meaning: The first; the original; the primal; the most important; the fundamental.

Example: The primal reserves of a country.


Meaning: First or highest in importance or rank; the most important person; the most important person.

Example: Her primary goal in life is to play national level football.


Meaning: The most important or significant aspect of a situation.

Example: A prime illustration.


Meaning: Having retained its original purity; being free of corruption or taint.

Example: A pristine artwork.


Meaning: Belonging to a social group that is accorded particular benefits; being favoured.

Example: The privileged few left for London.


Meaning: A prize awarded for achieving success or dominance, such as in a competition or contest.

Example: She won the magnanimous prize.


Meaning: anticipates, intervenes in, or has the ability to regulate a foreseen situation or occurrence, especially one that is bad and painful; it is anticipatory.

Example: Management must take a proactive strategy to equal pay.


Meaning: A person, particularly a kid or adolescent, who possesses outstanding talent or ability.

Example: A harmonious prodigy.


Meaning: Having the ability to produce; being generative; being creative.

Example: A productive application.


Meaning: The practice of the following occupation for the purpose of subsistence or profit; of, belonging to, or linked with a profession.

Example: A professional body-builder.


Meaning: advanced and/or competent in any field of study, whether in the arts, sciences, or subjects; skilled.

Example: A proficient runner.


Meaning: Economic; remunerative, advantageous, or useful in some way.

Example: A profitable venture.


Meaning: Spending or giving carelessly and in big amounts, often to excess, is referred to as excessive spending or giving.

Example: Profuse recognition.


Meaning: A movement in the direction of a goal or to a higher or more advanced stage.

Example: The progress of a scholar toward completion of a degree programme.


Meaning: It is preferable to wish to see things remain the same as they are rather than promoting the advancement, change, improvement, or reform. This is especially true in political situations.

Example: A progressive administrator.


Meaning: Producing a large number of progeny, young, fruit, and so forth; being extremely prolific.

Example: A prolific guava tree.


Meaning: An express guarantee that something will or will not be done, provided, or otherwise provided by one; a declaration on the basis of which expectations are to be formed.

Example: Promises that an adversary will not be victorious.


Meaning: aid or stimulate the continuation or expansion of an existing or flourishing enterprise; further.

Example: To promote global harmony.


Meaning: Appropriate or adapted to the purpose or circumstances; fit; suitable.

Example: Strawberry planting should be done at the proper moment of the year.


Meaning: successful or prosperous in one’s endeavours, especially in financial matters flourish and prosper; flourish and prosper.

Example: Her company prospered.


Meaning: Keep safe from injury or harm.

Example: She tried to protect him from the attack.


Meaning: Highly gratifying to the self-esteem or feelings, highly creditable or honourable.

Example: A proud accomplishment.


Meaning: A person or thing who makes something available or provides.

Example: China is the leading provider of personal financial services to other needy countries.


Meaning: Superior or exceptional ability, strength, or skill.

Example: Her prowess as a public speaker.


Meaning: The quality of being cautiousness; prudent.

Example: We require to exercise prudence in such crucial matters.


Meaning: Something taking place or being done at the agreed-upon or appropriate time.

Example: She is the sort of woman who’s always punctual.


Meaning: Without anything that is inferior or polluting in nature, without any extraneous stuff or foreign objects.

Example: Pure honey.


Meaning: The reason why something is done, made, or exists is referred to as motivation.

Example: In this meeting, a trustee will be appointed, and that is the main purpose.

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