Positive Words That Start With N | List of 64 Positive Words Starting With N Pictures and Facts

Positive Words That Start With N: Among the many words in the English language, there are many we forget or hardly use. Learning about the positive words will help you to accommodate them to your vocabulary. We’ve made it easy and simple for you by compiling a list of positive words that begin with the letter N. In this article you can find big, nice, character, action, adjective, descriptive positive words that start with N with meaning in English.

Get inspired in life with these powerful Positive Words list available and use them in your everyday conversations, emails, cover letters, etc.

List Of Positive Words Begins With Letter N

Names Of Positive Words Whose Name Starts With N

List Of Positive Words With Letter N At The Start

  1. Nailed
  2. Nailed on
  3. Natal
  4. Native
  5. Natty
  6. Natural
  7. Natured
  8. Nature-made
  9. Navigable
  10. Navigate
  11. Near
  12. Neat
  13. Naughty
  14. Neaten
  15. Neat-handed
  16. Necessarily
  17. Necessary
  18. Necessity
  19. Nectar
  20. Need
  21. Neighborly
  22. Neo
  23. Neighborhood
  24. Neoteric
  25. Nestle
  26. Neutral
  27. Never-dying
  28. Never-ending
  29. New
  30. New-fangled
  31. Newly
  32. Next
  33. Nice
  34. Nicety
  35. Nimble
  36. Nippy
  37. Nirvana
  38. Nitty-gritty
  39. Nob
  40. Nobility
  41. Nobleman
  42. Noiseless
  43. Nominee
  44. Non-belligerent
  45. Nonchalant
  46. Nonnegative
  47. Nonviolence
  48. Nostalgia
  49. Normal
  50. Notable
  51. Noted
  52. Noteworthy
  53. Notice
  54. Nourishing
  55. Nourishment
  56. Novelty
  57. Now
  58. Nubile
  59. Numerous
  60. Nurture
  61. Nutrient
  62. Nutritious
  63. Nymph
  64. Nymphet

Meaning And Example On The Positive Words On The List.


Meaning: to catch someone or deliver a blow to someone

Example: The crook was nailed by the detective.

Nailed on

Meaning: Guaranteed to be successful

Example: The penalty is nailed on.


Meaning: native or relating to a person’s birth

Example: They celebrated their natal day.


Meaning: Being such by birth or origin or being a member of the original inhabitants

Example: The native people had to move out due to the tsunami.


Meaning: Currently in style or a person who is wearing a fashionable item

Example: He is wearing a natty fedora.


Meaning: Based on natured or created by nature

Example: The natural environment needs protection from external factors.


Meaning: Having a specific nature

Example: She is a good-natured person.


Meaning: Something made by natural activities.

Example: Nature-made honey without additives is the best.


Meaning: deep enough or wide enough to use as a passage

Example: The road is navigable enough during the summer but not during winters.

List Of Positive Words With Letter N 1


Meaning: To direct the way that a mode of transportation such as ship, aircraft, etc. will travel

Example: We will need more pieces of equipment to navigate the river.


Meaning: The state of something being close the something

Example: The train station is near the school.


Meaning: Tidy, being orderly, and showing care

Example: It is a good habit to keep your clothes neat and clean.


Meaning: Misbehaviour or disobedient

Example: You are naughty not to eat your spinach.


Meaning: To set in order or make neat

Example: We spent a day to neaten our kitchen shelves.


Meaning: Neat or deft in handling things; dexterous

Example: He was very neat-handed at the table for his age.


Meaning: Unavoidably or inevitably

Example: We don’t necessarily have to attend the gathering tomorrow.


Meaning: Required

Example: It is necessary to wash our hands before eating.


Meaning: The state or quality of being required or necessary.

Example: The necessities of life are food, clothing, and shelter.


Meaning: A sweet liquid that flowers secrete from specialized structures where it serves as a pollinator; honey

Example: Bees collect nectar to provide honey inside the beehive.


Meaning: Require

Example: I need to complete my report.


Meaning: Relating to neighbors or being friendly

Example: It is a neighborly thing to greet people in the morning.

List Of Positive Words With Letter N 2


Meaning: New; recent; modified.

Example: The neo-realist cinema had a great run this season.


Meaning: Locality; surrounding environment

Example: The neighborhood around this block is quite friendly.


Meaning: Recent in origin

Example: Bend a few more neoteric ingredients, such as pink salt and honey, and we are good to go.


Meaning: To rest your body in a warm, comfortable, and protected place

Example: The young cub nestled in the arms of his mother.


Meaning: The act of not taking part or saying anything to help any groups involved in an argument.

Example: A few countries chose to remain neutral during the Second World War.


Meaning: Something or someone that never dies

Example: Never-dying lights take over to expand the daytime.


Meaning: Something that never ends or seems to never end

Example: The hour-long lecture seemed never-ending.


Meaning: Having recently come into being; recent; modern.

Example: The new law has made it simple for everyone to get equal opportunities.


Meaning: a new kind of fashion or a recent improvement

Example: The house down the road has many new-fangled gadgets in its kitchen.


Meaning: Lately, recently

Example: The newlyweds drove down the narrow path.


Meaning: Immediately adjacent to

Example: I will get off at the next bus stop.


Meaning: Pleasing, delightful

Example: The viewpoint is a nice place to visit during sunrise.


Meaning: The state or quality of being nice.

Example: It is good to pause and enjoy the niceties of life.


Meaning: agile; quick or light in motion

Example: The nimble mouse was quick to steal the food and run away.


Meaning: Chilly weather, swift, lively

Example: He is nippy and well suited to be a sportsman.


Meaning: The state of freedom from all sufferings

Example: The cottage by the lake offers a peaceful nature lover’s nirvana.


Meaning: The essential and practical details

Example: We must get down to the nitty-gritty of the problem to solve it effectively.


Meaning: Slang for head

Example: I see you as a nob.


Meaning: The state of quality of being noble in character or rank

Example: The President showed great courage and nobility of purpose.


Meaning: A man holding a noble rank

Example: The French nobleman had to side with the enemies.


Meaning: The state of being free of any noise

Example: The noiseless auditorium made me shudder.


Meaning: A person or entity who is named as the agent or trustee; a successor

Example: The old man named his grandson as the nominee to his enormous wealth.


Meaning: A country or person who is not engaged in fighting

Example: Over time, cooperation could lead to a non-belligerent stance of the people towards their neighbors.


Meaning: In a relaxed or carefree manner

Example: Her nonchalant manner of lying irritated me.


Meaning: Being positive or zero in value; taking on other than negative values

Example: Knowing if a polynomial is nonnegative or otherwise is crucial.


Meaning: Free from violence

Example: Nonviolent crimes deserve shorter sentences.


Meaning: The pleasure and sadness of remembering the past; a sentimental yearning

Example: The old woman had tearful eyes after listening to the song and becoming overcome with nostalgia.


Meaning: Ordinary

Example: It is a normal routine of hers to go running in the evening.


Meaning: Remarkable, out of the ordinary

Example: Three notable scientists put forward their theory that got them the Nobel Prize.


Meaning: The act of taking note of something; a celebrated person, place, thing, etc.

Example: It is a noted town for its string of cathedrals and quiet brooks.


Meaning: Worthy of attracting attention due to its excellence.

Example: The appearance of his brother is what made last Thursday so noteworthy.


Meaning: Announcement, intimation, or warning of something; observing

Example: Did you notice how he kept looking out of the window during class?


Meaning: Something that gives nourishment; nutritious

Example: A nourishing diet is what pulled her out of her sickness.


Meaning: Food or nutrients that nourish; something that helps to grow

Example: The soil lacks proper nourishment, and it needs more fertilizer.


Meaning: The quality or state of being novel, new or unusual

Example: It is a fact that electric cars are still novelties.


Meaning: At the present moment; currently

Example: There is a sale going on now in the supermarket.


Meaning: a marriageable condition or age of people

Example: Nubile young women flocked together at the festival.


Meaning: Plenty of things, people, etc.; many numbers of

Example: There were numerous migratory birds at the lake last winter.


Meaning: To feed and protect; upbringing; taking care of

Example: The mother bird constantly nurtures her children with insects and worms.


Meaning: Nourishment; a substance living things need in order to grow

Example: The nutrients get absorbed into the blood cells while the waste products are expelled.


Meaning: The state of being rich in nutrients; something which furnishes nourishment

Example: Fruits and vegetables are nutritious, and everyone should eat them in proper amounts regularly.


Meaning: Any minor divinity of nature in classical mythology that is represented as beautiful young women living in the mountains, forests, trees, waters, etc.

Example: The storybook had numerous pictures of fairies, nymphs, and nature on every page.


Meaning: A girl at puberty who is regarded as sexually precious

Example: The image of a nymphet is enhanced by the poet’s personal memories of his lover, whom he lost at a young age.

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