Village Life and City Life – Short Essay


Life refers to the existence, consciousness, happiness and social ties. Depending on where one lives, conditions under which the person lives and types of goods one consumes will define the level of happiness and the social ties.

Most people tend to prefer city life as compared to village life, with the main argument that it is more comfortable as compared to the village one. The choice of life; village or city depends on the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.

Village life

Refers to living in remote areas. Villages are considered as not devolved areas with inadequate electricity supply, poor transport networks, inadequate and poor health facilities and poor internet connectivity.

Advantages of village life

  • Simple and relatively cheap
  • Beautiful natural nature
  • Fresh air and breathe
  • Experience of relaxation, calmness and peace
  • Good life morals

Disadvantages of village life

  • Poor transport networks
  • Poor standard of schools
  • Poor health facilities
  • Inadequate variety of commodities with higher prices
  • Lower levels of entertainment
  • Poor telecommunication networks
  • Inadequate employment opportunities
  • Poor business opportunities
  • Agricultural based activities which are considered dirty and hard

City life

Refers to living in the cities. Life is considered to being more comfortable. There is existence of more improved facilities and many and better opportunities for being rich.

Advantages of city life

  • Improved standards of living
  • Better and improved educational facilities
  • Always residents are engaged with something thus lack of boredom
  • More employment opportunities with better pay
  • Higher chance of one being successful in life
  • Improved level of education
  • Wider variety of products and at fair prices
  • Availability of modern life facilities such as internet, telephone, airport and hospitals.

Disadvantages of city life

  • Very high cost of living with expensive housing
  • Lack of free air and clean pure water
  • Polluted environment. Smoke, dust, garbage, raw sewage and carbon dioxide emitted from motor vehicles and industries
  • Noisy and busy
  • High levels of prostitution


It is simple to conclude that city life is more preferred to village life since; there are more and improved modern facilities, more employment opportunities, improved standards of living and more comfort life which is contrary to life in village.

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