Transport: Short Essay on Transport



Transport refers to the process of transferring people or goods from one destination to the next by means of air, water or land.

This process involves the movement of products from where they have been produced or manufactured to where they are being needed for; storage, consumption, processing or manufacturing. It can be done by the use of the planes, boats, trucks, trains, pipes, ships, barge, hot-air balloons, parachutes, gliders among others.

Means of transport

  • Road transport
  • Railway transport
  • Water transport
  • Air transport
  • Pipeline transport

Road transport

  • Involves the use of roads
  • Motor vehicles are used to carry people and goods from one place to another
  • The most popular worldwide
  • It is more flexible
  • Faster and cheaper
  • Highest carrying capacity for movement of goods over short distances
  • High costs of road maintenance

Railway transport

  • Also known as train transport since it involves the use of train
  • Tracks where trains run, is made of steel rails mounted on ballast and sleepers on which rolling stock moves.
  • The level of frictional resistance is low, hence longer trains
  • Mostly used to transport heavier and bulky luggage
  • Not prone to accidents
  • It is not affected by traffic jams
  • Not likely to be affected by changing weather conditions

Water transport

  • It is done over water bodies
  • It uses; sailboats, barge, ships or boats
  • Transportation is over canals, lakes, rivers and oceans or seas
  • There are two forms of water transport; inland and ocean
  • Inland water transport is done over man-made canals, lakes and rivers
  • Ocean water transport involves navigation of bulky commodities over the ocean all over the world
  • Cheapest mode of transport

Air transport

  • Transferring people and goods through the air
  • Most expensive
  • Fastest
  • Highly affected by weather changes
  • Transport light and perishable commodities

Pipeline transport

  • Involves the transfer of liquid and gas commodities
  • It uses pipes and vessel of transportation
  • Expensive to construct and maintain pipeline systems
  • Mostly used to transport refined, crude petroleum and gases
  • Not affected by traffic jams
  • Cannot transport people and other solid goods
  • Slurries and chemicals can also be transported


Means of transport depends on the urgency, nature, cost, durability and flexibility of the goods to be transported.

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