My Neighbour – Short Essay

I live in Kolkata which is one of the three largest cities in India. It is inhabited by lots of people from different backgrounds and professions. My neighbour to my right is Vinay Agarwal. He is a businessman who owns a highly successful automobile showroom. He is a man in his late fifties and he lives with his wife.

I know many people in my neighbourhood, but Mr Vinay is my favourite. He is a kind, warm natured man with a great sense of humour. His booming laughter is his defining trait. He uplifts any occasion with his subtle wit and good humour. His wife is a civilised woman with a doctorate in humanities. They live together in a modest bungalow to my right.

Admirable Traits of my neighbour:

Mr Vinay’s personality is charming and enjoyable due to three main reasons:

  • His charitable nature
  • His sharp intellect
  • His wit

Friends and companions of Vinay are well aware of his charitable nature. There is rarely a fundraiser which he misses. He is known to make donations to charities with no pomp and show. Many struggling neighbours have confessed they owe him a lot. He goes out of his way to make sure his neighbours are safe, comfortable and happy. If anyone falls on hard times he is the first to offer help with nothing asked for in return.

Mr. Agarwal is also a man of great knowledge. He is a vociferous reader. He enjoys debating topics and keeping himself informed on current topics. He believes the youth is the future of our nation. He takes care to befriend all children, despite not having any of his own. He is affectionately called uncle by all kids.

Another thing which I admire most about my neighbour is his wit. He cracks jokes of class with subtle humour that take everyone off guard. He is welcome everywhere due to his ability to make people laugh without causing offence. He brings joy and fun wherever he goes. Therefore, he is my ideal neighbour.

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