Short Essay on Technology

Technology – Short Essay

Technology means the use of any human-made or artificial tools to make life easy for human beings. Over the history of humankind, various technologies have been used by human beings.

Technology has changed our lives in all fields ranging from clothing, housing, and education to entertainment. In today’s modern world, modern technology is a combination of internet, information management, and telecommunications technology. This modern technology has completely transformed our lives.

Technology influences the lives of all people in the world. Technological innovations have made the world look like a global village whereby people from all over the world can share all kind of information in a short time.

Internet technology

Internet technology has connected the entire world through the World Wide Web. All activities like shopping, education, entertainment, business, etc. have become immensely simplified due to Internet technology.

Information technology

Information technology has also revolutionized the way we manage business and work. All work has been transferred onto computers and business happens in an almost paperless work environment. From banking to tourism, everything can be managed via computers and information technology tools.

Telecommunications technology

Telecommunications technology advancements have combined the use of mobile phones with internet technology. All global information and communication are accessible from our mobile phones and other tools like tablets, etc.

Technology and communication

The sharing of information by people in social media posts creates awareness of events happening from all over the globe thereby making humanitarian efforts easy to those in problems.

Technological innovations

Technology has brought about a lot of efficiency in many sectors such as education, security, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Health, Banking as well as Communication.

Role of technology

The world has overseen a significant transformation from the old days. Today all the kind of information that an individual may desire is just at the click of the button. The world has become so digital that even things such as newspapers and books have been digitized thus making the globe look like a small village where one can get all the information


Technology has always transformed human life. Modern technology has taken a human life to a new level of comfort and ease. If embraced properly by all and sundry could be what the world exactly needs in order to improve the lives of people.

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