Short Essay on Health is Wealth for Students

It is a famous saying, i.e., “Health is Wealth.” It shows the importance of health in our lives and reveals a secret that your true wealth is your health.

If we are unfit physically, mentally or socially, then wealth is of no use to us. So health is the real wealth that should be preserved and maintained.

A person is considered healthy when they are free of diseases, have a fit body and joyful disposition.

  • A healthy body can do much productive work.
  • A healthy mind is very creative, and ideas and creativity flow effortlessly. At work, you are flowing easily in the expected direction.
  • A healthy person is free to focus his attention on all the important things his life.
  • Given all the above points, it is a very valuable asset. Its value is realized only when we lose it.
  • To a person who has some ailment, the time lost in taking care of the ailment and also the money lost in its treatment is considerable and can be saved if possible.
  • If you are a wealthy person but don’t enjoy good health, your wealth cannot give you the joy that comes of living in a healthy body. However, the reverse is possible.
  • A healthy mind and body can achieve a lot personally as well as for the society.

To maintain good health, several things need to be done regularly. It includes having a balanced diet, staying in a clean and healthy atmosphere, regular exercise or physical activity, staying away from junk food, maintaining personal cleanliness and hygiene. You also need clean water, air, greenery, and proper sunlight to stay fit. Taking proper rest and remaining stress-free is also important to maintain your good health.

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