Short Essay on Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies and interests are activities apart from your profession that you love to do in your leisure time.

These hobbies constitute an integral part of our life. It brings us joy and also enriches our lives. It gives us fun in our routine life and helps too, make positive use of our leisure time.

Hobbies and interest are an essential part of a balanced life style.

  • All work and no play make life dull. Play can include everything that one likes to do. This has a healthy balancing effect on a lifestyle stressed with work.
  • The hobbies that people usually have are gardening, needlework, art, music, reading, stamp collection or collections of other objects.
  • These days people find very little time for pursuing interests and hobbies from a busy life following a career with increasing demands.
  • Following a hobby is also sometimes seen as a thing old-fashioned as against taking up some sport. However, it is important to realize that sport may be a hobby, but apart from that, they serve different purposes.
  • Pursuing hobbies is also a matter of habit. Once you start developing a hobby, it continues. If you have not done in a long time, it is likely to fall out of your
  • Interests can also be developed as a career, g., music or art. If you have the talent for it, it is a good career option.
  • Other hobbies create work of value regarding art and often regarding money too, g., stamp collection, needlework, etc.

Why should we have hobbies?

  • Makes life more interesting: With hobbies come lots of experiences and stories which you can share with others. It also gives you the knowledge that you can teach others, and you have something to do in your free time, so you are never bored.
  • Relieves stress: as you remain engaged in some useful work that you enjoy, stress is reduced. It helps you relax and gives a feeling of pleasure and a break from your routine activities.
  • Makes you more patient: to pursue a new hobby you need to learn something new, and that needs patience as you may not get it right on the first go.
  • Improves confidence and self-esteem: with a new hobby you learn and achieve something new and as you excel you develop confidence. It also gives you a sense of pride for your


Therefore, pursue a new hobby instead of passing away your leisure time

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