Short Essay on Health and Fitness for Students

Health and fitness is an integral part of one’s life. If health is lost then even money cannot restore it to its original form. So you must follow these tips to stay fit and healthy.

How to be healthy and fit?

Maintain a healthy weight: Your weight and BMI determines many things in your body. If you are underweight or overweight, then you must follow a balanced diet as well as exercise regime to maintain a healthy weight. Keep checking your weight regularly. Even if you have a healthy weight, you must eat and workout well to maintain it. 

Exercise regularly: regular physical activity helps to keep your body in shape. At least 30 minutes daily should be spared for exercising. Even activities you love such as walking, dancing, aerobics or gardening can be treated as an exercise.

Eat healthily: Avoid junk food and try to have a balanced diet regularly.

Get screening tests: Get your body checkup done at least once a year especially if you are above the age of 40 years.

Health and fitness go hand in hand

  1. Healthy and fit can be used words interchangeably, implying a good state of mind and body. However, they differ. Health is the overall state of wellbeing and peace whereas fitness is directly connected with physical exercise.
  2. A body made fit by exercise is usually a healthy body.
  3. Good health can be achieved without exercise but fitness needs some kind of physical energy, more like some toning of the muscles.
  4. Health and fitness are a vital part of surviving in the modern world of stress.
  5. Good food made with fresh ingredients is a boost to health and helps maintain a fit body.
  6. To keep fit, you are taking care of the important parts of the body keeping the body healthy.
  7. Health and fitness keep you younger by slowing down the aging process.

To have a healthy and fit body is the primary objective of many people nowadays leading to the popularity of gyms and fitness courses

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