Democracy is a system in which the government gets elected by the people of the country.

Therefore, the government gets run by the people elected by the people of the country.

Democracy has lots of advantages which are as below:

  • People do not have to depend on other powers for governance. They are themselves electing their representatives by practicing their voting rights.
  • Everyone has a say in the decision-making, so no one person or group has an absolute power to make
  • Since the elected representatives come from all walks of life, most of the people are anyways represented.
  • When government gets elected by democracy, they get a feeling of obligation, and that is why they tend to do more work for the people than the government out of democracy

These were a few disadvantages of democratic government as well.

  • Since there are as many opinions as there are people, sometimes taking decisions is very difficult.
  • Having too many representatives can dilute the decision-making powers of effective.
  • A tendency to oppose every move by the opposition party hinders the working of the system rather than go forward.

Conclusion: Everything in this world has advantages and disadvantages, and in the end, the decision is in our hands only.

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