Short Essay on Dream of my life

Everyone has a dream in life, and one should follow his dreams to become successful.

My dream of becoming a fitness model keeps driving you throughout the ups and downs of life. My dream has become my life goal. The way the human mind works is that once it accepts something as its life-goal,life-dream; it orients itself towards the achievement of this dream through all the hardships of life. Then all challenges appear surmountable to me.

I have decided that I will do my best to achieve my dream of becoming a fitness model.

  • Make posters of some fitness models, and some motivational quotes and paste them on the walls of your room so whenever you wake up in the morning, you get to see them, and straight away get motivated to work towards becoming one of those fitness models.
  • A person only gets to two chances to explain about the dream of his life once when he is a child and once when he becomes a motivational speaker. Dream to become such a huge personality that one day you may get invited to some college or university to tell your story and give motivation to others to achieve their dreams
  • To achieve the dream of your life, you should be ready to face every challenge. Be ready to adopt any diet plans. Be ready to adopt every kind of workout routine.

Above was everything about the dream of my life, everyone has a dream in their lives, one should be very consistent towards his dreams, and he will achieve them. Dream of life indicates the thing that one loves, desires or values the most in life. For different people, Dreams mean different things. For most people their dreams are connected with earning more money, becoming rich. Of course becoming rich is connected with many small dreams that money can buy. For someone the ‘dream of life’ can mean the person he or she loves the most. This can be the wife or husband that the person was dreaming of meeting for many years. For others, achieving a particular work or career ambition can become their life-dream.

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