Short Essay on Cleanliness

Short Essay on Cleanliness for Children and Students

Essay on Cleanliness

Cleanliness Essay for Childrens

People don’t bother about the cleanliness of their surroundings, and that is why it gets observed that cities around the country get polluted heavily. If we go to cities like Chandigarh etc. then we will get to know that people there, are worried about the cleanliness very much and that is why it gets considered as one of the cleanest cities in India.

Cleanliness in the public Spaces
Cleanliness in the public Spaces

Cleanliness in your surroundings

Cleanliness in the place that we live or work in affect our health and our mood as well.

We cannot have garbage littered around. The hedges should be neatly trimmed, and roads and gardens, including the pathway, swept clean.

Ditches that have accumulated water should be cleaned, and the ditches filled up.

Regularly disinfecting the surroundings can keep insects and germs away.

Leaving garbage bins for disposal can invite coyotes and cats, so they need to cover and stable to not topple over.

Cleanliness in the public utilities and spaces     

Cleanliness in public utilities and spaces are our responsibility. We must avoid littering it and keep them as clean as possible. Parks, buses, trains, roads are all examples of public spaces that we must stay as clean as we would care to find them.

What We Can Do To Keep the Country Clean

The whole country needs to be clean and here is how we all can contribute to the cleanliness of the country:

  • The use of plastic should get reduced because plastic is a substance which is not recyclable and that is why a lot of countries and cities in India have banned its usage.
  • We should focus on planting more trees and flowers, because, controlling the cleanliness of the country may not be in our hand, but we can contribute in making it more beautiful by planting more flowers and trees.
  • We can take part in various rallies getting held around the country to encourage Swachh Bharat Abhiyan due to which people get to know more about cleanliness, and in this way, one can keep his city and country cleaner.


Cleanliness is a very important quality and must be encouraged wherever possible.

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