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A school can be defined as an institution that exists to provide learners with a favorable learning environment.

A school is made up of students who acquire education through teachers. Schools are available in most countries and governments have made it compulsory for students to attain some level of schooling for them to increase literacy levels.

Schools have many benefits towards the community and to the country at large. Governments are also making schools affordable to all people in the society.

Concept of schooling

  1. Schools exist to provide a platform where people can go to acquire educational knowledge that will help them better their lives and help them understand various concepts.
  2. Schools are used to equip people with basic literacy levels. This especially applies to those the lower levels of schooling where people gain basic knowledge.
  3. Schools also exist to help people to advance in various aspects of their lives. This may be in career development or to better the skills that they have.
  4. Schools also exist to help children grow. They are able to pass their younger years in school before they become adults and decide what they want to become in life.
  5. Schools also exist to form a crucial component of the society. Without a form of schooling the society would be incomplete since it acts as a stage in life that every member of the society has to go through to become better people in life.

Types of schools

  • public school is school that is funded by the government. They usually accept admission for students that live in the district or region where the school is located.
  • Private schools are those schools that are not funded by the government. The parents who take their children to these schools pay tuition fees that are used to manage the school. They may be owned by individuals or religious institutions.
  • special needs school is that which is focused on teaching students with special needs. This may include disabled students or those with neurological problems. This school has highly trained teachers and equipments that help in teaching the students.

Importance of schools

  1. Schools also help in raising the literacy levels in the society. This is especially the case with public schools that are affordable and accessible to majority of the society.
  2. Schools create job opportunities. There are a lot of teachers employed in schools and other supporting staff who help in running the school. This is beneficial to the society and the country.
  3. Schools also give students the art of team work. It offers an opportunity where students can come together in their learning activity. They learn to work together in various assignments and projects.
  4. Schools help in building confidence levels in students. They not only gain knowledge but at times they can be required to make presentations of what they have learnt hence boosting their confidence.
  5. Schools also create a platform where long lasting relationships can be formed. People can make friends at school who may become useful friends in their later lives.
  6. Schools also help students to prepare for their later life. They gain skills that may help them to become better persons in life.
  7. Another importance of a school is that it equips students with leadership traits. This is when there are certain school positions that students can vie for. This helps in grooming future leaders.
  8. Schools also contribute towards cultural integration. This is where students from different cultural backgrounds come together and socialize.
  9. In a school, a student can also advance his or her talent. This is through taking part in the extracurricular activities like sports and become members of certain clubs.
  10. In schools, students also get to learn new things that they did not initially know about. They gain information from their teachers and from other reading materials available in schools.


Schools are an integral component of every society. By enrolling students in schools, the world will be able to solve the problems of illiteracy and unemployment that are rampant in some parts of the world.

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