Essay on Newspaper for Students


A newspaper is a written published document which contains information about the current events that are taking place.

Newspaper is published periodically which may be everyday, weekly or monthly. Most of the newspapers contain written information about politics, business reports, sports articles, advertisement pages, obituary pages and fun pages that contain games like crossword puzzles.

The circulation of news through the use of written media can be traced back to the BC era. In Ancient Rome, information or announcements would be crafted on metal or stones and they would be circulated to people. They later advanced to the use of scrolls where they would read announcements to the people.

The Chinese also distributed their news through the use of written media called tipao. This was a form of bulletin that was sent by the government to higher ranking members of the society. There were also posters that would be posted to inform the public about public matters. However, the first true newspaper was introduced in Europe by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440. He introduced a printing press in the country that would produce a lot of publications. Johann Carolus came up with the first weekly newspaper in the year 1604. After this, newspaper publication slowly spread to other parts of the world.

Types of newspapers

There are two main types of newspapers and these include;

  1. Broadsheets are the types of newspapers that came into existence in the olden days. They however still exist in the modern day. They have a large format and their pages are long and could range at about 56 centimeters. They contain more serious and sensational information.
  2. tabloid newspaper is smaller in size as compared to the broadsheet newspaper. These types of newspapers contain shorter stories due to their smaller size. Its pages measure around 11 inches by 17 inches.

Advantages of newspapers

  1. Newspapers are informational. They are used to give people information about current event and happenings.
  2. Newspapers also create jobs for a lot of people. This may include people who work in the printing presses and people who distribute the papers.
  3. Newspapers also provide a platform where the government can relay announcements to the public.
  4. Newspapers also can be used for fun and entertainment. They contain sections and columns that contain entertaining news or games like crosswords.
  5. A newspaper also helps in educating. It contains pages that contain educational information to help people in their businesses or in other aspects of life.

Disadvantages of newspapers

  1. Newspapers contribute to deforestation. This is because they are made out of paper that is gotten from trees.
  2. Newspapers also do not serve the illiterate. They can only be used by the literate in the society that know how to read and write.
  3. Daily newspapers can also be expensive as a source of news. Most people cannot afford to buy newspapers on a daily basis.
  4. Newspapers also do not contain recent happenings. They contain news on what happened the previous day and you can only get current happenings on the next publication.
  5. Newspapers are not accessible in rural areas. This may be due to poor transport networks which makes it hard for newspapers to get there.


Newspapers are a form of media that is used to spread news. Newspapers have their limitations which makes them to lack popularity as a source of news and information. Due to the environment limitations and also due to technology, press companies have come up with digital newspapers. These are accessible over mobile devices.

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