A person that is considered to be a teacher is one who serves others in their pursuit for knowledge or values.

This means that anyone can basically be a teacher in their various capacities but formally, a teacher has to be qualified and certified. The teacher is committed to ensuring that the learner acquires education.

Who is a successful teacher?

  1. A successful teacher is consistent in the sense that if she says she will do something, she does. Her world is never influenced by her moods.
  2. She also uses praise authentically and commends the effort of learners. She does not praise mediocre results and always encourages learners to give their best.
  3. A sense of humor is also a quality of a successful teacher because this makes a lasting impression to the learners. It proves helpful in times of pressure and fatigue, sometimes even frustration.
  4. They expect the students to succeed and always show that they believe in them which motivates hardwork. They also show them that it is okay to fail as long as you gave your best.
  5. Positive attitude is another feature of successful teachers as it favors creativity. Negativity will always hinder the students from thinking outside the box.
  6. Successful teachers know when to listen to students and when not to as this puts them in the leadership position. They do this in respect of the greater good particularly for the learner.
  7. They can live without immediate response and this makes them appreciate the fact that some students are fast learners while others are slow.
  8. They have a sense of purpose which makes them master the courage to wake up and go to school even when they are having a bad day. They focus on the bigger picture.
  9. A clear objective is another feature of a successful teacher as they know that these objectives will serve as a guide towards the targeted end which is success.
  10. They also communicate with parents to come up with the best way possible to help the learner as this is their greatest goal.

Role of a teacher

  1. Teachers have a responsibility to set the tone for their classroom in the sense that they inspire hardwork and positivity. A dull teacher will translate into a lazy classroom.
  2. Teachers also build a warm environment which accommodates everyone regardless of their family’s social status or religious background. This makes students know the importance of equality.
  3. Mentoring and nurturing students is the principle role of teachers. This helps them grow into responsible members of society and also plays a critical role in building character.
  4. Teachers are also role models to the students. They set an example for them which is also instrumental in building personality as the students get influenced by the teachers.
  5. Teachers also have the capacity to look for signs of trouble in the lives of the students in an attempt to provide the best care hence state of mind for the children.

Qualities that make for a good teacher

  1. Honesty and integrity is a quality every teacher should have as they are role models for the students.
  2. Teachers should also inspire others because they set the tone for the school as well as the individual classrooms.
  3. Commitment and passion are features of a good teacher because this is the only way to get good results.
  4. A teacher should also be a good communicator as the profession involves a lot of communication.
  5. Having good decision making capabilities is paramount as students always look up to them for direction.
  6. Creativity and innovation is also a key quality as they need to inspire this kind of momentum in their students.
  7. Accountability is also expected in teachers because they are required to train students to become straight forward individuals.
  8. Delegation and empowerment makes teachers able to assign tasks meant to achieve team spirit and also responsibility.

How to improve teacher-student relationships

  1. Setting boundaries with the students is paramount in improving this relationship because it asserts respect as well as professionalism.
  2. Requiring equal amounts of respect from every student sends the message of equality and fairness.
  3. Being available for the students so that they can make consultations before school, during lunch or even after class.
  4. Being understanding and listening to the students makes them develop trust and confidence.
  5. Greeting students with a smile and being friendly to them is also instrumental in developing a better relationship.


Teachers are not only role models to our students in schools but they also take up the role of parents to students at school. It is very important for a teacher to maintain a good relationship with their students to ensure that they do not only help them academically but they also help them in their personal life.

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