Positive Words That Start With T | List of Positive Words Starting With T Meaning, Examples,Pictures and Facts

Positive Words That Start With T: Do you have those moments when you know what you want to say, but you don’t have the appropriate word for it? Well, we all have those moments. In this article, we have included a list of positive words that start with the letter T.

Not only will these words help you in having better conversations, but they also make them more positive and effective. We have also listed the meaning and use of these words, which will help in having a better understanding of them. In this article, you can find Positive Words That Start With T to describe a person or someone in English and Positive descriptive, action, and adjective words that start with T.

Get inspired in life with these powerful Positive Words list available and use them in your everyday conversations, emails, cover letters, etc.

List Of Positive Words Begins With Letter T

Name Of Positive Words Whose Name Starts With T

List Of Positive Words With Letter T At The Start

Meaning And Example On The Positive Words On The List.


Meaning: Having a natural skill or aptitude for something.

Example: Many talented professors are teaching in this college.


Meaning: A real thing that is perceptible by touch.

Example: The characters from the movie were all tangible since all of us were standing in the same room.


Meaning: Showing proper aesthetic judgement or appropriate behaviour.

Example: Jenna wore a black dress and a pair of small, tasteful gold hoop earrings.


Meaning: Showing or having skills and sensitivity when dealing with difficult situations or with others.

Example: James was both tactful and gracious in handling the situation.


Meaning: Made or fitted especially for a particular purpose or use.

Example: Each project has been tailor-made in order to suit the particular needs of the producer.


Meaning: To take responsibility for something and to have control over it.

Example: I need to take charge of the situation.


Meaning: Having a distinct, pleasant flavour.

Example: The restaurant has many tasty seafood options.


Meaning: Showing self-restraint and moderation.

Example: Leonard and his mom had a temperate discussion last evening.


Meaning: Able to be used or held.

Example: Jack lost the debate as his argument was not tenable and soon fell apart.

Positive Words That Start With T 1


Meaning: Able to learn when being taught.

Example: Management may be learnable but is not a teachable art.


Meaning: Be full of or swarming with.

Example: Once upon a time, Amazon was teeming with life.


Meaning: Having a gentle, kind or sentimental nature.

Example: Sheena is a tender-hearted person by nature.


Meaning: Of significant amount, size or intensity.

Example: Darren gave a terrific performance on Teacher’s Day.


Meaning: Tending to have a firm hold on something.

Example: The eagle held on to its prey in a tenacious grip.


Meaning: Relieved and pleased or expressing relief and gratitude.

Example: I am so thankful that you stood by my side when I needed you.


Meaning: Worthy of gratitude or thanks.

Example: Your actions toward the underprivileged children is thankworthy.


Meaning: Showcasing kindness, gentleness and affection.

Example: Rani’s expression became tender when she saw him.


Meaning: A formal recommendation testifying one’s qualifications and character.

Example: Please feel free to get in touch with me if you would like some testimonials.


Meaning: Relating to treating any disease or anything that causes a calming effect on an individual.

Example: I find painting very therapeutic.


Meaning: Flourishing or growing and prosperous.

Example: Sandy is thriving at her new college.

Positive Words That Start With T 2


Meaning: Having a sudden feeling of pleasure and excitement.

Example: Everyone was so thrilled to hear about the vacation plan.


Meaning: Showcasing consideration for other people’s needs.

Example: Her gesture to invite us to the party was really lovely and thoughtful.


Meaning: Arranged in a neat manner and order.

Example: The room looked tidy when we entered it.


Meaning: Causing thrill and excitement or exhilarating.

Example: The students were thrilled to hear about the school trip.


Meaning: Complete with regard for every detail.

Example: He worked day and night as he wanted to be thorough in his research.


Meaning: Fastened, fixed or closely firm.

Example: Akash’s chest felt tight; however, he refused to admit it.


Meaning: Valued or respected since it has existed for a long time.

Example: The eldest daughter was named, in a time-honoured manner, after her grandmother.


Meaning: Reducing the time required for doing something.

Example: Sheena had no idea that the time-saving idea was going to turn into a profitable business.


Meaning: The very best quality or class.

Example: I try to keep in tiptop shape by working out every day.


Meaning: Showing or having great energy or effort.

Example: The NGO’s tireless efforts for helping the poor is really commendable.


Meaning: Something that is not affected by time passage or changes in fashion.

Example: A denim jacket is a versatile and timeless garment that can be worn in all seasons.


Meaning: Occurring or done during useful or favourable times.

Example: The timely arrival of the money took away the need for loaning money.


Meaning: Something having exceptional size, strength or power.

Example: His work made a titanic figure in the world of art.


Meaning: Something mildly stimulating or exciting.

Example: A titillating weekend filled with non-stop misadventure awaits.


Meaning: Into companionship to another individual or people.

Example: The science project has brought old friends back together.


Meaning: Having the willingness to allow the existence of behaviour or opinions which one doesn’t necessarily resonate with.

Example: He is tolerant of those individuals who disagree with him.


Meaning: Maximum

Example: The ice cream shop will stay open till tops 9 pm.


Meaning: Comprising the full amount or number.

Example: He felt total disrespect for him during the argument.


Meaning: The uppermost or highest part, point or surface of something.

Example: She felt like she was on top of the world when she received the award.


Meaning: Something of the highest quality or excellent

Example: My car is in top-notch condition keeping in mind that I’ve had it for over seven years.


Meaning: Establishing feelings of gratitude or sympathy.

Example: Your assistance during the project was very touching.


Meaning: Strong enough to be able to endure adverse conditions.

Example: She is a very tough individual; she has been through a lot in her life.


Meaning: Above or beyond the range of physical or normal experience.

Example: The Nobel Prize award night is a transcendent event.


Meaning: Innovative or pioneering or introducing new methods or ideas.

Example: This tribute takes a bittersweet outlook on the trailblazing career of the comic.


Meaning: Something that is calm or free from disturbances.

Example: The sunflower field was a tranquil site, far from the present-day habitation.


Meaning: Staying or lasting only for a short time.

Example: I stayed at the hotel for a transient amount of time.


Meaning: Anything that is beyond normality.

Example: What kind of behaviour is transnormal.


Meaning: Going from one point to another, generally over a long distance.

Example: A warm breeze travelled through the room, making the room very uncomfortable to sit in.


Meaning: Someone or something that makes it easy to see through them.

Example: The umbrella that I bought is transparent.


Meaning: Something that is great in scale, amount or intensity.

Example: Thank you so much for your tremendous contribution to our project.


Meaning: The act of cutting something to neaten it.

Example: You must trim the sheets to the perfect proportion.


Meaning: In accordance with reality or facts.

Example: If you find even one true friend, you are fortunate.


Meaning: Someone or something that is genuine or real.

Example: Alia was a genuine and true-blue individual who always spoke from the bottom of her heart.


Meaning: Expressing or feeling jubilant after an achievement or victory.

Example: When she heard the news, a triumphant smile appeared on her face.


Meaning: Melodious or having a pleasing tune.

Example: His wonderfully tuneful songs made me weep.


Meaning: Expressing or telling the truth or being honest.

Example: I know that being truthful is the best approach.


Meaning: Someone who can be relied on as truthful or honest.

Example: My father is a highly trustworthy person and carries on all his responsibilities.


Meaning: Something that is congested or distended or swollen.

Example: Her foot is turgent because of the injury she had last week.


Meaning: Something which is round, long, and hollow like a tube.

Example: The entire experiment can be fitted into a tubular box.

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