My Village – Short Essay

My village is an extraordinary place. We have such good neighbours, that they can help us in almost anything. Everybody knows each other, always ready to help. People do entertainment on their every step. Even a stroll down the street can be utterly entertaining. You can see some random guy dancing like mad or someone singing as dulcet as a Koyal bird!

My physical activities are at the peak and I constantly have to work in the village. This keeps me fit all the time and my body can acquire to any adverse condition. By constant exposure to work, I have acquired a toned and muscular body which makes me look very good. I plough the farm with my own hands under the sun and earn for my family.

The fresh yields of my farm keep me away from all kinds of diseases. I hardly fall sick. I eat all the fresh vegetables and fruits. The fresh eggs and milk from the cows help me maintain my carbohydrates and proteins. And, if I fall sick anytime, there are always natural herbs to help me with my ailment.

My house is naturally built and there are no harmful substances used. The pure structure of bricks and mud, keeps the aura of my house, soothing and adjustable to different seasons. I don’t feel a need for an air conditioner, or fans, as natural air comes in my house and keeps it well ventilated.

Moreover, people never fight here for space as they do so in the cities. People have lots of space and green patches of lands all around. People live here with open hearts and they are always welcoming. There is no harm from crimes like robberies and murders. My village is a great place to live.

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