Myself – Sample Essay

I love myself. I think it is mandatory upon me to love myself. It enables others to love me and respect me. If I won’t respect myself, then why should other people do it?! I am a believer. I believe in good things and I work hard for them. I am not a dreamer, I am an achiever. I set goals and I achieve them. My set ambitions help me keep my life focused and distraction free. I always keep motivating myself. I believe self-confidence is the sole thing which will keep me going till the last. Without me, being my alive and fearless self, I won’t be able to achieve anything great and big.

I am a humble guy. I don’t like to boast and brag about myself. I like to stay very modest. I think there is nothing which makes me bigger than anyone in this world. We all are similar. This thinking helps me to respect elders and small children similarly. I think the elders are great because they have lived for more years than me and achieved greatness and, small children have lived fewer years than me and committed fewer sins. Both are equally nobler than me.

I have set two words to describe myself. Whenever I am entangled in a situation, where I have to behave, I recall my two words and start saying them in my mind. This helps me to keep my character intact, and original, even at the toughest times. The two words that describe me are,

  • Passionate
  • Confident

Hard work is my motto. I believe endeavour always pays off well. God has always kept his grace open for people who work hard to achieve it. That is why I think working hard is the only option, to completely attract the God’s grace.

I firmly believe in my religion, to which I have pledged my subservience. I believe religion is my only way to salvation. Following religious rites and rituals is mandatory for me and I do it with the highest veneration for the good lord. This is me and, I love myself.

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