My Trip – Short Essay

My trip to my farmhouse was unforgettable. We went there after a long period of time, and it was really fun. We took all the clothing and eatables with us so that, we could fully enjoy and have a camping-like an experience.

We had great fun there and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip. The car we went in was, an open one, and we were dancing like mad, coming out of the shed! Any trip is fun with friends, but this one was particularly amazing!

There were many friends who used to study abroad and they were also in town for holidays so, they were also accompanied with us. This was even more fun as, my every single friend was present.

The first thing we did after reaching my farmhouse was that we changed into our swimming costumes and stumbled into the water! We didn’t care for anything and just played and played incessantly in the water. We were splashing water on each other and it was really fun to trouble each other in the water. We even had a competition where we had to shove our faces in the water and keep it in there for a long time. The one who endures the most and keeps his head in the water for a longer period of time than other wins.

We went for strolls down the farm and it was amazing to see greenery all around. We were baffled to see such serene views as, we were used to, to the hustle bustle of the cities. We thanked God for creating such an amazing nature, from which we can replenish.

We went to the ranch and saw the animals. There were chickens, goats and cows. We saw how they performed their tasks without fail every day so that we can get necessary groceries like eggs, milk and meat in our house.

Some of my friends had never seen vegetable plants before in their lives. They were baffled to see vegetable plants like,

  • Peas
  • Potato
  • Ladyfingers

It was an educationally, mentally and physically enjoyable trip indeed!

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