Essay on Parents


A parent is someone’s father or mother. They could either be biological parents or not. There are parents who adopt children in case they are unable to have children of their own or for other reasons.

However, parents are a major part of our lives and they greatly help us to grow up and become meaningful people in the society.

It is important to respect them to show them appreciation for raising us.

Role of parents

  1. Parents have the role of providing for their children. They provide basic needs for the children which include food, shelter and clothing. They also provide other necessities that they can afford to provide comfortability.
  2. Parents also have the role of protecting their children. They should ensure that they do not subject their children to any form of abuse.
  3. Parents also have the role of ensuring that their children have good morals. This is by teaching them virtues that should uphold and also teaching them to stay away from vices that may ruin their lives.
  4. Parents should also ensure that their children have access to education. This is by taking them to schools and ensuring that they gain quality education that will help them better their future lives.
  5. Another role of parents is to ensure that children have access to medical care. When the children are sick, they should take them to the hospital and they should also ensure that young children have access to the available and approved vaccinations.
  6. Parents also have the role of providing love and care to the children. They should show their children unconditional love and to help them grow up in a state of happiness.
  7. They also have the role of advising their children. They should give advice whenever the children need it to ensure that the children are able to deal with issues that they may be facing.
  8. Another role of parents is to offer emotional support whenever the children need it. This is by creating a friendly environment and becoming more of friends to their children.

Characteristics of a responsible parent

  1. Responsible parents are positive role models. They set a good example for their children in terms of behavior, morals and virtues. Children learn mainly through observation and setting a good example will ensure that they have better future lives.
  2. Another character of respectful parents is that they are able to manage stress. When parents are able to handle stressful situations well, children learn from this and they also adopt the habit. Being able to manage stress also ensures that there is peace and harmony at home.
  3. Responsible parents also have the art of communicating. When they are able to communicate with the children effectively, they are able to show that they are interested in what is going on in their children’s life.
  4. Responsible parents are also full of love and affection. They offer emotional support when it is needed and they also ensure that their children are well cared for.
  5. Responsible parents also show respect towards their children. They talk their children in a respectful language and this is a way of ensuring that the children also show them respect.
  6. A responsible parent is one who ensures the safety of their children. This is by ensuring that they are safe at home and at school and that they are not subjected to any form of abuse.
  7. A responsible parent also has an acceptable method of disciplining their children. They first investigate matters before reprimanding their children and when they do so, they ensure it is in a controlled and acceptable way.

Importance of being a responsible parent

  1. Being a responsible parent will give your children a brighter future. This is because they will follow in the good example that is set by their parents.
  2. Being a responsible parent will also make your children respect you. This is because treating them with respect will instill the same virtue with them.
  3. Being a responsible parent will also foster a good relationship between the parent and the children. This is because you are able to offer emotional support and show love and affection to the children.
  4. By being a responsible parent will also help your children to make better decisions. This is through offering them guidance and advice.
  5. Another importance of being a responsible parent is that the children are able to socially interact and create good relationships as they have peace of mind.

How we should treat our parents

  1. We should treat our parents with respect. This is demonstrated by the way we talk to them and by obeying them.
  2. We should also show appreciation to parents. This is to thank them for the role they have undertaken of raising us.
  3. Parents should also be treated with love and affection. This is by caring for their welfare and showing them respect.
  4. We should also help our parents with house chores. This is to ensure that we contribute towards the welfare of the family.
  5. It is also important to regularly communicate with parents. This is not only to show concern but it also strengthens your relationship with them.


A parent is an important piece of our lives. This is because they help us grow and they are also available to offer support whenever we need it. As much as children are expected to show respect to their parents, parents should also be responsible to create better relationships with their children.

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