Essay on Picnic – Meaning, Purpose, Preparation, Ideas


A picnic can be referred to as an activity where people take their food outdoors either to a field, park or in a place that has a great view of nature. The food is prepared by the people who are taking part in the picnic and they carry it to their picnic site.

Picnics are usually done during the summer as it is the type of weather that supports outdoor activities. The reasons as to why people go for picnics vary between persons.

A picnic is a very healthy activity where you can go to bond with your family and friends or to relax and relieve yourself of stress.

Purpose of a picnic

  1. A picnic creates enough time and space for family bonding. Since it is becoming hard for family members in the modern world to spend time together, a picnic is a great way of getting together with your family members, share a meal and also talk.
  2. People also go to picnics to get to enjoy the outdoors. By going on a picnic, you will get to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air which is very refreshing.
  3. Another purpose of a picnic is to enable communication. While indoors, it is very hard for people to have serious and fluent communication due to distractions like televisions. However in an outdoor picnic, there are no distractions and it is hence easier for people to communicate more.
  4. A picnic will also offer you enough time for meditation where you will be able to reflect on your life. One can go for a picnic alone and they get enough time in nature to think about the decisions that they have made in their lives and how they can better their lives.
  5. Another purpose of a picnic is to give you a day when you can eat healthy foods. This is because when going for a picnic you have to make homemade food that is healthier and also people carry fruits and vegetables that are healthy foods.
  6. A picnic also helps to relieve stress. You will be able to have time away from the issues that are facing you at home, school or at work.
  7. People also go for picnics to save money. When going for family outings, a picnic is a cheaper option as the food is homemade and you will just need to look for a park or open area that you will use as your picnic site.
  8. Another purpose of a picnic is to help you to become more active. This is because apart from sharing a meal, there are other activities that you may carry out in a picnic including physical activities like games.

Picnic basket

A picnic basket is a basket that is used to hold the food and the mats that will be used in a picnic. When going for a picnic, it is essential to have a good picnic basket. There are simple picnic baskets that are cheap and more affordable and can be found in stores. There are however modern picnic baskets that have additional features like compartments that can keep hot and cold food and also pockets that can carry fragile food utensils. The main things that are contained in a picnic basket include food, table or plate mats, sitting blanket, utensils and beverages. It is also important not to have a picnic basket that is of very bright colours as they may become very dirty outside. Most picnic baskets are brown.

Preparation – What you need for a picnic?

  1. blanket is the first thing that you should carry for a picnic. This is because some picnic sites may not have tables and chairs and you will instead use the blanket to sit on.
  2. You will also need a picnic basket or a bag where you will carry all your things in.
  3. You should also carry a sunscreen since you will be spending a lot of time under the sun and this may later bring sun burns.
  4. You should also carry first aid supplies to help in case one falls or hurts themselves.
  5. One should carry a bottle opener that will help in opening the bottled beverages.
  6. You should also remember to carry kitchen ware like plates, cups, knives and spoons that you will use to have your meals.
  7. You should also remember to carry a trash bag where you will put all your trash to avoid littering the park or picnic area.

Picnic ideas

  1. It is important to make sure that you choose the right picnic spot that will offer you with the best outdoor view and one that is not too crowded.
  2. Ensure that you carry all the things that you need for a picnic to ensure that your day is successful.
  3. Dress appropriately for the picnic. Pick the clothes that will be ideal for an outdoor activity.
  4. Ensure that you invite the people that you will go with early enough to avoid cancellations.
  5. Ensure that you have a cooler where you can put your beverages to ensure they do not get too warm under the sun.

Food ideas for a picnic

  1. One of the most common foods that are carried in most picnics is This is a meal that is very easy to prepare and it also does not contain soup.
  2. Fries is also a food that goes well with a picnic. They are easy to make and they do not spoil easily.
  3. One should also carry fruits when going for a picnic for example apples and watermelons.
  4. You can also prepare chicken. This may be plain chicken or chicken together with other foods like pasta or rice.
  5. Vegetable salad is also a picnic meal in case you are looking for a healthy picnic.
  6. Another common picnic meal is muffins. They do not easily go bad and packing them is easy.


When going for a picnic, it is important to pack all the necessary things to ensure that you have a successful picnic.

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