Describe the importance of water in our lives in an essay

Essay On Importance Of Water In Our Life

The importance of water in our lives is undeniable. We all know how dependent we are on water, and if we don’t get enough water supply, we will have lots of problems every day.

We consume water in literally everything we eat and drink. In addition to the preparation of every food, our lives require a great deal of water in various departments. In order to get energized, even our bodies require water as fuel. Life requires water in some form or another. On this planet, life itself exists because of the presence of water, among other things.

What is water? 

The molecules of water are composed of hydrogen and oxygen. As the most common fluid form, water is the most commonly available and required. For human consumption, such as drinking and cooking, potable water is needed. Water makes up around 80% of the earth’s surface, but is not all fit for consumption; hence, potable water must be conserved. Water is the essence of life. Nature provides us with water as the most important substance.

Water plays an important role in our lives for the following reasons.

The Importance of Water in Our Life

  • Drinking water is a necessity for all living creatures. Life is sustained by the intake of water that hydrates all the cells and organs of the body, especially in humans and animals.
  • For plants to grow, water is also necessary. Agriculture is completely dependent on the supply of water. A rainwater irrigation system must be established if the area is not sufficiently rainfed.
  • By consuming enough water, all the bodily fluids are kept in order. In fact, the functioning of the organs is similarly controlled by a sufficient intake of water in the body.
  • The majority of dishes in a house, a restaurant, or a hotel require some water to cook, since there are very few dishes that do not require it. It is necessary to wash ingredients with water if they are not to be used for cooking. As well as making dough, boiling, steaming, and making gravies, water is also used in other ways.
  • For a healthy lifestyle, we need at least 8-10 glasses of water each day, and if we don’t consume enough water for a few days, our bodies won’t get enough fuel.
  • Water is used by everyone to clean themselves and their surroundings. Bathing, brushing teeth, mopping, and cleaning utensils and clothes require water.
  • A region’s geography is shaped by water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, etc. Adding to the scenic beauty of the region is a water body. For activities such as scuba diving, canoeing, rafting, etc., they are often an attraction for tourists.
  • Water is the only source of life for aquatic organisms. The entire ecology has evolved around water, e.g., the skin of all creatures is adapted to absorb oxygen through the water.
  • The bodybuilders all know the importance of water because they need a good amount when they’re bulking, and they don’t drink any when they’re shedding.
  • We can’t live in a good environment if the water cycle doesn’t work well, and if the water cycle doesn’t work well, we can’t have a good atmosphere.
  • Water has been identified as a cooling agent. Streams of water cool the air passing through them. The principle is used in fountains and air conditioners to cool hot air.
  • Water is an essential channel for transport. Transport by ship was the mainstay of connection between continents before civil aviation existed. Many places still use water transport in the form of ferries, ships, and boats.
  • Hydro Power plants are very crucial sources of energy, especially when the world is looking for substitute sources to thermal power. In order to generate electricity, water running at high speed falls on turbine rotors. This requires large amounts of water and high storage capacities.


The amount of water on earth is decreasing day by day, and it is our duty as humans to make various efforts to conserve it. There is no doubt that water is essential, and every effort must be made to spread awareness about water conservation. By polluting the environment and dumping effluents into the water bodies, pollution is contaminating them. Water is essential for life on earth, and most of the water on the surface is saline and unfit for consumption. Therefore, pollution should not be allowed in non-saline water bodies.

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