Debate on Private Tuitions | Private Tutions Are a Necessary Evil? Benefits and Issues

Debate on Private Tuitions: Good morning, respected jury members, respected teachers, my worthy opponents, and my dear friends. As we assemble here today to compete against each other on the topic of private tuition I ______ thank my teachers who found me capable and had faith in me. I will express my views on the above topic and will speak against the motion.

A student in this era goes to school for all-around development. Various activities related to the growth of an individual are taken care of in any good institution. Today’s most schools are well equipped with all the requirements that are essential for preparing a child for future demand. In this era where the teachers cater to the needs of the child in every aspect, what is the real utility of private tuition? If a student is attentive and serious in the class, private tuition is not at all required.

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During private tuition, a child may not get that technical education that a child gets in a school. The private tutor may not at times be a certified teacher so may lag inconsistency. The most important question is, is it necessary to go for private tuition? If a child wants to go into the depth of a subject, self-study is very essential. While going to private tuition this may not prove to be fruitful.

Debate on Private tuition is important as tuition, many a time, leads to mental pressure on a student. It is quite obvious that a student wants to indulge their time in other co-curricular activities of their interest. But engaging their valuable time in private tuitions may lead to great dissatisfaction. The parents indulge their ward to go for private tuitions to give more perfection in academics. But it may not be useful for the students as it is a waste of time for them and they want to be involved in some other areas of interest. In doing private tuition basic interests of the students are hampered. The parents should try to prioritize their wards’ needs.

Another disadvantage of private tuition is that the child is learning the same thing. So it’s repetitive and overburdens a student’s mind. Rather it is of less use and wastage of time. This time can be more fruitfully used in some other ways. It also creates a burden amongst the students because they have a lot of school assignments also which they need to complete in the stipulated time.

There is a million-dollar question and that is whether a child is safe while in private tuitions. In today’s world, it is quite tough to believe a person so how could a parent rely on private tutors? Yes, there are many instances of child exploitation being a small child or a teenager as found in newspapers or digital media. This has increasingly warned us of a student’s safety issues of students in private tuitions. So this important aspect related to a student’s safety cannot be ignored anytime.

Another important aspect that needs to be highlighted is that while engaged in private tuitions children lose their independent way of thinking. By helping them through private tuition the ability of self-assessment decreases. It even destroys the childhood of the students by engaging their entire time in the academic arena which costs time and money.

The teachers sometimes force students to take private tuitions as it helps to earn extra income besides school salary. But the teachers give less effort in school and concentrate more on private tuitions which are not desirable. Often private tuitions are conducted for a large group in a small space which is also unhealthy and not favorable for studies. Moreover, a student in a large group hardly gets personal attention or guidance from the teacher which is essential and expected in private tuitions. Going for private tuition especially in a coaching center has lots of unhealthy competitions. This competition leads to mental anxiety and disorder. Even lots of these coaching centers demand exorbitant fees which are not justified.

In this debate on private tuition, we shall also discuss how the parents of today run after the rat race. They are least bothered that their child is getting the proper guidance or only scoring marks in the examination. Scoring good marks is indeed an indicator of a good student but we cannot ignore the fact that gaining knowledge is of utmost importance. So this objective can be easily achieved through education at school. Going to private tuitions for only scoring good marks in an examination is of no use to me. I think my dear friends you too will agree with me in this context.

A healthy and open-ended discussion in the classroom can easily enrich the student’s mind so opting for private tuitions for this purpose is useless. Any sincere student can raise lots of questions in the classroom to clarify their doubts and achieve success in their studies. So why should a student waste time, energy, and money for the same purpose? Proper concentration in the school classes and sincere self-study are the key advantages of school education which are absent in private tuitions.

The prolonged time that the students spend outside their home creates a mental detachment from the family. It is another way that deprives them the opportunity to spend quality time with family members. They try to rely more on their friends rather than their parents and family members. It also leads to many negative consequences. One mistake from the parents’ end may lead to great disasters. So my dear friends I do not particularly see any such positive aspect of private tuition.

By pointing out so many disadvantages of private tuition I would like to restate my case by saying education is not only accessed by mere marks but it should be rather judged by the knowledge and its application in real life. It means turning out to be a good human being and also acquiring the ability to judge a person and situation correctly. For this purpose educational institutions are perfectly right. Only to score high marks in the examination is not the only indication of success and should not be the sole objective, because one has to face many challenges in future which can be faced by only self-learning and confidence.

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FAQ’s on Debate on Private Tuitions

Question 1.

Why should private tuition be avoided in early childhood?


Private Tuitions from early childhood create mental pressure on the child and deprive him of the nurturing and caring environment at home as well as in school. So it should be avoided.

Question 2.

What is the reason for such growth in private coaching centers?


These coaching centers demand that they would help students to get good marks in examinations and parents to feel that scoring marks are the only objective of education and indication of success.

Question 3.

Why do parents prefer private tuition for their wards?


Parents think their child gets special and personal attention in private tuition which may not be possible in regular school classes.

Question 4.

What is the business orientation in private tuitions?


Private Tuition has become a business based on demand-supply. The students want high marks in examinations and private tuition, be it individual or in coaching centers assure them of getting good marks in examinations.

Question 5.

Do private tuitions be beneficial for students?


Private Tuitions can be beneficial for higher class students when conducted in small groups under the guidance of competent and supportive teachers.

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