Debate on Intolerance | Intolerance Debate – The Burning Issue in India

Debate on Intolerance: Intolerance slows down the development of the country and creates violence among the different groups.

I greet a warm welcome and very good morning to honorable judges, respected teachers and my opponents as well as the audience. Today we all are gathered here to have a debate on Intolerance. I ———, choose to go against the motion.

‘Debate on Intolerance’ is a hotly debated topic these days. India is a country with liberal democracy, that gives us the right to speech, the right to express and the right to adopt any religion. But when these rights are opposed or violated it causes intolerance. Debate on Intolerance is a burning topic. Intolerance has always been a topic of concern for the Government of India.

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Intolerance is the state when someone doesn’t accept any belief system or ideas of another group, or other person’s religion, caste, culture, or traditions. Intolerance gives rise to the destruction of an individual or a society.

Intolerance does not allow people to live with equality, non-discrimination, freedom or with other social rights. Intolerance in society generally arises due to differences in opinions, caste, culture, gender, religion, etc which is unbearable to other groups. India is facing growth of intolerance in recent years.

Firstly through my debate on Intolerance let me clear that there is no such thing as intolerance. India has always been a secular country and making India a Hindu nation is a pointless political argument. If India were intolerant, Hamid Ansari would never be the vice president of our country or films like PK or OMG wouldn’t receive immense love from the Indians, or singers like Adnan Sami wouldn’t spend years to get Indian citizenship. “Intolerance” in our country is nothing but a mere opposition agenda to end the Modi government

Intolerance is never built due to differences in ideology, religion, or opinion; it is an outcome of a lack of mutual understanding and patience among the people. Intolerance is not created by one or two individuals but participation by many people has made it the biggest debatable concept today.

Generally, how does Intolerance emerge? It emerges through arguments and discussions on specific topics, which slowly leads to violence against one and another. Subsequently, Intolerance leads to a permanent separation between two or more groups, caste, religion, cultures, and traditions having different opinions on the same topic. The most prominent example of Intolerance in Indian History is the partition of India and Pakistan, which caused the loss of many lives.

Debate on Intolerance highlights that Intolerance has created a boom in India in the present scenario. The high society people of the country make statements like that the country has become an intolerable place to live in. We cannot judge our country on a few bad things, rather we should look forward to the positive side of our country.

In today’s world intolerance is spreading like an air-borne disease that is very difficult to cure. It was a part of national headlines in all newspapers in the year 2015.

Intolerance is a matter of concern in society, as it gives rise to violence among people belonging to different communities. The Muslims boycott the non-Muslim population and vice versa. Intolerance narrows a person’s mindset. This prevents people from accepting any reforms that would help the development of a society or the nation. Intolerant people possess a high level of destructive power and put the entire nation at risk. Intolerance destroys the growth and development of a country and gives rise to violence between different groups.

Therefore, Intolerance should be prevented.

Debate on Intolerance points out that it is the media that can play a crucial role in preventing intolerance and anything that is culturally sensitive. Education is another best way to promote tolerance among the people. In short, in my Debate on Intolerance, I want to give a message that one should live in an atmosphere of tolerance and interact with other groups for a healthy, prosperous and peaceful life.

People should go around together, practice different ideas or beliefs of people different from their beliefs, religion, culture, or tradition. This all will prevent intolerance in the country.

Our Indian tradition and culture teach us tolerance, our philosophy preaches tolerance and our Constitution speaks of tolerance. We cannot lose it at any cost.

Finally, I conclude my Debate on Intolerance with a statement-” Freedom of expression will continue to remain under siege unless all groups accept that people can have different opinions and beliefs in a free country.”

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FAQ’s on Debate on Intolerance

Question 1.

What is Intolerance?


Intolerance is an individual or group’s unwillingness to accept the beliefs, views, traditions, or cultures of another individual or group with different ideas, opinions, traditions, or customs.

Question 2.

How does Intolerance affect the growth and development of a nation?


Intolerance in a society creates division and permanent separation of people, society and countries. It creates violence among different groups—for example, the Partition of Bengal or the partition of India and Pakistan during the British Rule in India.

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