Debate on Old Age Homes | Old Age Homes Are Necessary To The Society?

Debate on Old Age Homes: Old Age Homes are a boon for the old people in today’s modern world.

Honorable Judges, Respected Principals, teachers and my dear friends and worthy opponents. Good morning to you all. I, Kalpana Patil stand before you to express my views against the motion on the Debate on Old Age Home.

I fully support that old age person should be looked after by their children. But let me ask you whether in today’s modern generation children take proper care of their parents. The answer is no, the children would not care enough for their parents, they just run to make their careers. I am against this uncaring attitude of the children. If this is the case, what will the parents do? Who will take care of them? If they are left with no house to live where they will live? There are many such points of insecurity for old age people.

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There are pros and cons in every situation, in every debate, in everything, so the debate on old age homes also has its own pros and cons. So it’s a difficult task to take one side. If the children take care of their parents at their Old Age then there is no need for any Old Age Homes but if that is not the case, then the needy and helpless old aged individuals will be left homeless. These old people who have no place to go or family to look after them for those people, Old Age Homes is the only destination. Old Age Homes take care of old people like their own.

India is a land of culture and traditions, until the time the joint family system existed, there was an emotional interdependence between elders and young members of the family. Elders were taken care of by the young ones and vice-versa.

However, it is the harsh reality of today’s generation that the joint family system is gradually losing its importance. Young couples are opting for nuclear families thus forcing elders of the family to either live alone or under the care of others.

Most parents send their kids abroad for studies and for a better future. The children tend to get accustomed to the country and don’t want to return. Hence, continue with their job prospects in that country itself. The parents, on the other hand, are left behind in the home country all alone. They live with the hope that kids will visit them soon or they will go there. They are left with some sort of assistance. And here comes the old age homes in the picture. Though this is not a healthy culture, old age homes remain a boon for the senior citizens who don’t have any support due to various reasons.

These old age homes prove to be a better option where these old people can meet others of the same age. When these old people are left alone in the houses when their children are away from home that can cause stress and depression and also give rise to loneliness. Companionship is also important, especially for those who have lost their spouses.

These old age homes help them to cope with all these issues and keep them happy and forget their bad times. These old-age homes can provide better assistance and protection to these old people than staying at home alone.  There have been many instances where the elderly have been robbed, beaten or murdered by the caretaker or someone known. Today in modern society the number of children who care for their parents is becoming lower and lower and so the importance of old age homes is becoming important in our modern society.

Debate on Old Age Homes points out that old age homes are considered as a sign of rejection. But in a real sense, these centres are well equipped with a variety of facilities. Old people living here are provided with entertainment, physical workout, etc., which keeps them busy as well as fit. Moreover, all their needs are taken care of including 24 hours medical service. In conclusion, old age homes bring people of the same age together who are able to share experiences, enjoy living together rather than living alone and missing their children.

Another point I want to focus on in my Debate on Old Age Homes is that having an elderly care house in this age of competition is a must because, when the children grow up and start their job they don’t have enough time to take care of their parents. Mostly in European countries or you can say even in India, you can find a trend that the husband and the wife, both doing the job to cover their monthly expenditures. So when the son and the daughter-in-law are both out of the house for work, there is no one to take care of the elder parents. Whereas, old people need special care. So it is better to send them to an old age home for better care as compared to leaving them home alone.

With the increasing age, old people often lose motor functions. Performing day-to-day activities becomes a challenging task for them. They can’t take care of themselves. In the Debate on Old Age Homes, my opponent said that they can hire helpers in their own homes to perform daily activities. But do you think these helpers are trustworthy? Today money is the foremost important thing. These helpers would do cruel things to obtain that money. They can steal anything without noticing the old people. But in old age homes, there are volunteers who help them with their daily activities. And their security is the foremost important for them.

Our elders are our heritage. It’s our foremost duty to take care of them. So here I conclude my Debate on Old Age Homes.

Debate on old age homes

FAQ’s on Debate on Old Age Homes

Question 1.

What are Old Age Homes?


Old Age homes are sometimes referred to as a retirement home or an old people’s home or nursing home is a multi-residence housing facility intended for old age people. This can include facilities for meals, gatherings, recreation activities, and some form of health or hospital care. A place in a retirement home can be paid for on a rental basis, like an apartment.

Question 2.

Why have Old Age Homes become necessary?


Old Age Homes have become very necessary to take care of our elders. Some of the reasons are like

  • Children living abroad for earning
  • To avoid loneliness
  • The safety issue of elders
  • Social interaction with the same-age community
  • Stress-free living
  • 24×7 medical facility
  • companionship and social interaction
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