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Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage: Honorable judges, respected chief guest, teachers, my dear friends and opponents a very good morning. Today I feel obliged to get a chance to speak on the topic Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage.

A great marriage does not happen because of the love you had in the beginning but how well you keep your love till the end.

Marriage is a connection between two opposite genders as well as two families. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and both the partners have to spend their whole life together.

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Debate on Love marriage and arranged marriage are the evergreen debated topic over the years. Everyone is in search of which of the two options is better and successful. Some people are in favour of love marriages as both the partners know each other beforehand. And some, on the other hand, are in the favour of arranged marriages. In love marriages, a girl or a boy choose their partners on their own, whereas in arranged marriages partners are chosen by their family, parents or relatives. The main aim is to get married, be it to a partner of your choice or your parent’s. Getting married is not a doll n dolly play it is in itself is a huge responsibility.

There is a continuous debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage to find the best way to choose the partner for marriage. Even several surveys have been done to know which one people support the most.

However, arranged marriages are mostly dominant in India. And in the Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage, I am also in favour of Arranged marriages

Because according to me, getting your parents to arrange someone for you is better as they know what you want, and they will choose the best for you.’

Another advantage of arranged marriages is the connection between different families. Marriage is not just a union of two people but also a union of two different families, which are now more closely linked than ever before.

In many cultures, the connections between families are quite important on a daily basis. And good connections between family members may also be beneficial when it comes to future career prospects.

In Arranged marriages, while looking for a partner for their son or daughter, parents will first check the potential background of the bride or groom’s family whether they are compatible with theirs. Do they check if they have the same background like cultural and religious,  economical status, level of education, social status, etc? In an arranged marriage, status, future security and stability seem to be the most valued things looked for. So that their son or daughter can live a stable, secure and similar life as their parents. This is the main reason why India has such a low divorce rate.

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Arranged marriages in India are mostly carried on a religious basis. This is because the parents feel that, it affects the living style of the couple, it becomes easy to get along with the new family, their customs, beliefs and lifestyle

In my Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage Essay, I want to point out that in Love marriages youngsters often confuse attraction or infatuation with love. Love is not the only thing we need in life. One should also check the reality like the family background, social and economic conditions, the environment they grew up in, etc. So, one can get into a relationship with a similar kind of family as theirs. This prevents cheating and betrayal because of trusting people blindly, which happens in some love marriages.

It is well said that “ Love is Blind”. People in love do not see the family background, social and economical status, etc. which is at risk in the future. Trusting blindly may result in divorce.

The couple who go for love marriage is mostly independent in nature. If they want to end the relationship, they do not consider family opinions much and they do it.

In India, love marriages are still socially unacceptable.

As in arranged marriages there family and relatives are involved, the conflict between the couple will be effectively resolved. The couple is guided by their parents and grandparents’ experience and the situation is in control and the state of divorce doesn’t rise. Whereas in a love marriage the couple is unaware of the future complications in life and lacks this experience because of the absence of elders.

According to Dr. Robert Epstein, an American psychologist, love in love marriages fades away with time, whereas love in arranged marriages grows with time.

Do you think arranged marriages lead to divorce and love marriages don’t? Well, that’s a mystery in itself. The failure of any relationship has nothing to do with this. It all depends on how the two partners choose to accommodate each other’s life. The key to a successful marriage is understanding, love and trust. If you manage to with these then nothing can affect your relationship with your spouse.

The debate on Love marriage and arranged marriage has been going on for decades but It is difficult to arrive at a conclusion. Both types of marriages come with their own pros and cons. In the end, I would like to conclude my Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage with the message that irrespective of the choice, the couple and the families must live with love, trust and understanding to make the marriage successful.

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FAQ’s on Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage

Question 1.

Why do love marriages fail?


Many love marriages fail or end up in divorce because of misunderstanding, ego and burden of responsibilities. Some Love marriages are the result of attraction and infatuation and hence when they face real-life responsibilities they give up.

Normally couples in love marriages live independently away from both of their families and the absence of an elder’s presence is also the main reason for increasing divorce in Love marriages.

Question 2.

What are the benefits of arranged marriage?


Arranged marriages are arranged by family members and relatives. Parents search for the best partners for their children. The best part of arranged marriage is that the parents are always there to solve the conflicts between the couple if any. Some of the benefits of arranged marriages are:

  1. People may match better
  2. Higher level of experience of parents
  3. Assurance of social status
  4. Financial security
  5. Cultural similarities of partners
  6. Rational rather than emotional decision
  7. Family connections are strengthened
  8. Similar ethics
  9. Religious fits
  10. Similar values
  11. People may live in a happy bubble
  12. Avoidance of lovesickness
  13. No stress to find a partner
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