Autobiography of a Kite – Short Essay

I’m a kite. This is my autobiography. Let’s start. I was made at a kite centre of purple and pink colour papers. Tom-the famous kite maker made me. His shop was located in the famous market of the city. He was a very hardworking man and best in his field. Kids from all over the town came to his shop for buying kites. Tom made kites of all sizes.

Baby life:

I was his best work which always makes me proud. After making me Tom kept me at a shop along with many other beautiful kites. Among them most of the kites were my friends except few which were jealous of my beauty. I was very expensive kite so many people who came to buy me returned home with heavy heart.

Lucky day:

One lucky day a sweet kid came to buy me. I was so excited to go to his home. His house was so beautiful. I was kept in his cupboard where much other stuff was also placed. His family was also very good. They all praised me and I felt more arrogant. His little brother tried many times to get me but Tom saved me.

First time flying:

Next day he took me to flying. I was so excited for this day my whole life. To be honest I was nervous at first because I was going to fly for the first time. But with time I started enjoying it. I enjoyed gliding in the wind and drifted along the clouds. The winds made me crazy as I soared in it. I also saw many other kites along with me. I wanted to be higher than them but my life was in someone’s other hand. At that time all I wanted was freedom. But Alas I can’t do anything.

End of life:

I also saw many beautiful birds as I got higher. Their feathers were so big. But didn’t know that these birds will be the reason of my death. One of them collided and tore me into pieces. Soon I was on the ground with bruises all over my body which hurt me very bad. I just hope next time no one make a kite again.

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