Autobiography of a Mirror – Short Essay

I’m a mirror and this is my autobiography.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is beautiful among all? This is one of the basic questions every other person asks himself when he sees himself in mirror.

A skilled craftsman made me. Believe me making a mirror is a very hard work and need full attention. One little negligence can destroy all your handwork. These are the words which I always hear from my craftsmen.


It took almost a month for my owner to make me. Moreover he painted my corners with different shades of red and green to give me a more beautiful look. Obviously it doubled my cost. I heard from my older fellows that I am his special piece. I was always proud of this. Some fellows were very jealous of this. But I never cared for them. Not every piece in the shop is special. I think of myself of the snow white’s mirror which was very famous and is still known.


Many customers came to buy me but could not after they see my tag. I was made for a special customer who finally showed up one day. He was the owner of the furniture market and wants to fix me right next to his opening front door. In this way it added more beauty to his place and everyone praised me. I was cleaned every day with white cloth so I shone like a diamond.

Different sort of people came every day and see their selves in me. Some set their dresses. Others make their quick hairstyle. Some customers also asked my owner that from where he bought such a special piece. That question always makes me shine brighter.

Everything becomes dull. Silver lining is always come to end. This is what exactly happened with me. With time my shining goes off so my owner decided to replace me. That was the very sad day. Now I’m lying uselessly on the store floor in the basement. Cats scroll over me now and then. Soon I’m going to crack. My pieces will spread in all over the floor. This will be end of my one will remember me. This make my heart bleed. I have also feelings like other things.

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