Autobiography of a Horse – Short Essay

Who am I? Long tail, a big body of brown colour? Any idea? Yes, I’m a brown horse and this is my autobiography. Hope you enjoy it. I was born in the lush green fields of South America. My family was sweetest and they took care of me like every other caring family. My mother taught me how to run and walk. I had so many friends and we used to go towards town together. Running wild in the meadows was our favourite hobby.

As we grow old my habits and wishes changed. I was brought to the city.I started living with a small family. The leader of the house-father sealed me to his carriage. This carriage was his only source of income.

He used to sell vegetables and fruits all over the city. Early in the morning, he gave me water with some fodder. He was the kindest soul I ever met in my life next to my parents.

Daily routine:
Then we went to the food market where I met every day different horses of all races and kinds. It was a huge big market of the city. After buying fruits and vegetables we used to go to different streets of the city for selling our stuff. I was first unaware but with time I become familiar with the roads and paths. They were my new friends now.

My family:
My owner’s family was very nice and they all used to love me a lot especially his four year old son. At holidays he rode on me in the parks and along the beach. I really enjoyed and miss those days. In evenings when I came home tired he used to tap on my back and it always felt so good. He gave me bath every weekend. His little hands when press my hair it felt so good.

Everything gets old so this is what happened with me. My master soon bought a new horse-his new fresh companion. This made me sad but what can he do now if I’m unable to carry his weight. Now I’m resting in his garden and spending the last days of life. I’m really happy and satisfied with my life.

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