Autobiography of a Caged Bird – Short Essay

I am a parrot. My life is really a tedious and a difficult one, unlike my nature. I am writing my autobiography, to tell people about my difficulties in a cage. Yes, I am a caged parrot. Being a parrot, I can’t stay quiet and steady for a long period of time.

Parrots are very notorious and full of activity. But, I am a caged one so, I can’t enjoy that experience. I was a much loved parrot in my family. I used to entertain everyone. I was leading a happy life with my friends and family, on a banyan tree. We migrated from here to there in different seasons. It was really fun living close to my friends and family.

I was full of activity when I was with my family. My father being old made me become a breadwinner for the family. I used to go hunting for food and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a fun time always. We used to frolic in the air and tease other birds. We used to enjoy the feast with our family. Every morning, some generous humans, used to leave grains on their terrace and, we go there and enjoy together.

My friends and family used to protect me from every threat. Once, I got caught up in a wire. I was very frightened and thought that I would surely die. But, my father is old, still came to and tried his best to free me out. Soon my friends came too and they were finally successful in releasing me from my troubles. The humans were amazed to see this site and they kept recording the whole incident with their camera Instead of helping me out.

The worst thing happened when we were late for coming home from hunting. The humans had set an advanced net to catch parrots. They had put grains as a bait to attract us. I got very allured towards it. I thought it is easy food. I went down there and got caught up in the net. My friends failed to release me and I was then taken away by the humans and got caged.

I am writing this biography, sadly sitting in my cage with very less food and water and of course very less activity. If you are reading this, please help me.

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